Yelawolf - Best Friend ft. Eminem video free download

Duration: 05:05
Uploaded: 2015/04/24

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2 years ago

Don Bridges

Omg so awesome. 

2 years ago


I find it so ironic that Yelawolf talks about forgiving people, "wishing them well" and sending prayers up to God to help them grow and see their wrongs. Then Eminem goes around rapping about shooting haters. Lol

2 years ago


I hope everybody understands the significance of this song. there talking about Bible Prophecy. The Trumpets are from the book of Revelations. Eminem has came to Jesus Christ and I think he makes that very clear on this track. So If Eminem keeps working for God. we might just see his best stuff yet. if you think im crazy go to my page and check out the 4th song on my mixtape faker I have a yelawolf sample at the end where in a interview he makes it very clear he HATES satanists in Hip Hop. Theres about to be a movement for "The Father, Son & Holy Spirit" #FvckMuzic #Killuminati

2 years ago

christine michael

This song is bad ass 

2 years ago

Trinidad Mcgee

Enjoy .

2 years ago

trinidad mcgee

Thought this was pretty good .. 

2 years ago


Damn i can't get enough of it

2 years ago

Daniel murphy

Good ass song

2 years ago


I wish i had a best friend... :/

2 years ago

BiBi Prod

Just give me a slim shady lp 2 yo

2 years ago

Aero Winds

Love this song...I'm hooked on rap lately. X3 

2 years ago

Eric Markley

Eminem didn't burst into a ball of flames!! Lol

2 years ago

Shifty D

stop doing blasphemy you fuckin illuminati faggots

2 years ago

Anthony Rios

I just found out about yelawolf and this is the first song I hear by him and I'm already hooked...

2 years ago

casey metz

anyone notice that every time Eminem is about to swear in the church the camera angle changes?

2 years ago

Gerber RIP


2 years ago

G hog

yes, sounds like the ole em, that i used to hear.

2 years ago

awad RA

that's what we can call a Great song ........

2 years ago

Timothy Kittleson

Eminem's verse is about his best friend who was shot and killed. It's obvious that it is about him they focus on Em's tattoo on his arm that he got after Proof was shot. It's the same tattoo his best friend had and the death of him changed Em's life you can tell by his music he is never happy like he was in his old music. So if you think his verse is about God than you might be semi retarded...

2 years ago


Whenever I listen to ems verse, I wanna play skyrim.

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