Xzibit, B Real, Demrick (Serial Killers) - WANTED - Music Video video free download

Duration: 03:35
Uploaded: 2013/11/01

Download Serial Killers Vol. 1 for FREE at: http://livemixtap.es/j24

Xzibit, B Real, Demrick (Serial Killers) - WANTED - Music Video - Directed by Matt Alonzo. http://xzibit.com

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2 years ago


Sick track and dope video! 

3 years ago

Bernardo Cordeiro

Hopsin :D 1:17 

3 years ago


damn its been a year exactly since this was uploaded huehueueh

3 years ago

Rage Blanket

is that alfie from House?

3 years ago

iwatch videos

Xzibit got fat.

3 years ago

Vincent Zappulla

wtf hopsin lol

3 years ago

Marcus JOe

This Shit Hits! Why haven't I heard of This?

3 years ago


See ya all on tuesday in Tallinn Rock Cafe :)

3 years ago

Ervin Mehinovic

Ahh shit man, miss old X. Bring them old school back bro! like "X" or "get my walk on" that some real dope shit

3 years ago

christoffer opshal

LOVE! final X is back! 

3 years ago

Julian Agregan

Where can i get this?

3 years ago



3 years ago


Im feelin this. Demrick killed it.

3 years ago


Hopsin Should Do A Feature! That Nigga Can Spit!!

3 years ago

cassidy Dejean

yo i hope demricks on a come up, this nigga nigga nice

3 years ago

jan puda


3 years ago

Hip-hop Bled our Hearts Out!

sounds like it was made on garageband

3 years ago

phillip brown

shoulda let hopsin kill this one instead of just puttin him in it as an extra...props any way though xzibit is back and killin it hope he does some shit with hop tho..

3 years ago

Steven Martineau

Hopsin @1:18

3 years ago

Gleb Volsky


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