Xiu Xiu - I Luv Abortion video free download

Duration: 02:35
Uploaded: 2013/12/21

from Xiu Xiu's 2012 album, "Always".

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3 years ago


This song is about one of Jaime Stewart's friends who decided to have an abortion. Her excuse was that she would be an unfit mother. The lyrics are inspired by emails that the two of them exchanged. I would assume this song portrays how many young women get irresponsibly involved with sex and decide to have abortions with thoughtless abandon. I view it as an uncomfortably real pro life song.

3 years ago

Emi Baio

demasiado internet por hoy XD

3 years ago

Ryan Phoenix

Abortion isn't murder; it's a bullet that missed it's target which only tortures the victim for the next 18 years

3 years ago

hte spagheti

2 republicans disliked this video

4 years ago


your music is really bad lol dont make music ever and abortion is muder

4 years ago

Mushu (Avani Penari)

So happy I found this.

4 years ago


Was blasting this and gods folk literally came a knockin on my door. How delightfully embarrassing. 

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