Waka Flocka Flame - Candy Paint & Gold Teeth (feat. Ludacris & Bun B) video free download

Duration: 04:37
Uploaded: 2012/06/14

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2 years ago

BRIAN Saldivar

All I herd from bun b was The word Bitch 

3 years ago

HEAT Ledger

Pause at 2:22 - 2:23Find the person who does not belong. LOL.

3 years ago


"Keys" up, till they raise the white sheet up

3 years ago


That pink caddi is from Houston tx 

3 years ago

mareo broter

damn they filmed right in front of Annie Laura's

3 years ago

Laquisha Delray

Flocka flame is the shit

3 years ago


I lived most my life in Detroit. Now, here I am been living in Knoxville for some time and first hand. There is certainly more hospitality down here vs up there. Nothing against my fellow and family northerners with their generally cocky sarcastic social qualities. Its just that in my opinion here in TN people are generally more serious, respectful, laid back and generally more chill and caring. But, every city is different so who am I to talk.

3 years ago

Pablo Diego

dirty south 

3 years ago

Blake Wells

OKC down wit the south #LOUdCitY

3 years ago


Where was Paul Wall?I mean...whaaat?

3 years ago

Deann Falls

gold teeth real gangster to get my car candy paint like to make fun nothing just hater in on love for a real niggers.

3 years ago

Cort and Jay

old folkes dont mind they business haha yeah

3 years ago

Ozzy'Azek Dubs

this shit feels like sum tx music haa , waka going in thou

3 years ago

John Nguyen

rzrselliott sucks and can't rap at all 

3 years ago

Eat The Rich

who you are and where you're from doesn't mean shit,as long as you handle the business...

3 years ago

Baybee K

The Notorious B.I.G - Party & Bullshit

3 years ago


My black instincts... I could smell the soul food from the computer.

3 years ago

Batman _

Bun b got a big ass mouth

3 years ago

Obey Johnson

Anyone else notice the white guy in bun s lil clique?

3 years ago

fran cola

niga and chicken, a love story

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