Valerie Dore - The Night (original version) HD, HQ video free download

Duration: 03:56
Uploaded: 2009/12/25

Valerie Dore - The Night

The Best Of Italo Disco (original version) HD, HQ


2 years ago

André Ribeiro


2 years ago

paula verónica

altas botas!!!

2 years ago

Besta Hansen

Back to my youth and provincional dancings close to my city. Quite innocent girls, smell of some chip cosmetics. Girls dreaming of a big world. They even looked like Monica Stucci in this video. :-)))

2 years ago

christophe pinturaud

je l' écoute toujours avec plaisir. 

2 years ago

Thomas Plachta

Super Song :-)Valerie Dore - The Night

2 years ago

Andrzej Kupilas

Ciacho z głosem aniola

2 years ago

Redi Grada

Monica Stucchi !

3 years ago


Monica Stucchi alias Valerie Dore was the actress in the video & TV-performs but the real singer of this song & others was Dora Carofiglio, leadsinger of Novecento. It's one of the unbelievable Italo-Disco stories. I loved the voice of all "Valerie Dore" tracks, but wonder why she never released an album with her hits. Later (1986) she released "The Legend", but didn't get close to her early single-chart-success!

3 years ago

david renard

le batteur est un rescapé du film les nouveaux barbares?

3 years ago

Dariusz Chyckowski-Krajewski

moje dzieciństwo, mam 40 lat najlepsz muzyka kocham!!!!!

3 years ago


Für Beischlaf sehr geeignet...der Rhytmus stimmt...

3 years ago

Dirk 007

Das ist so ein geil es Lied 

3 years ago


She is not singing this Song 

3 years ago


Great Italo. She seems like a scared Sandra to me. Anywho, great memories and a very catchy riff.

3 years ago

Bernard Guy

Valerie Dore - The Night (original version) HD, HQ

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