Valerie Dore - Get Closer (Original Videoclip Remastered By Italoco) video free download

Duration: 04:20
Uploaded: 2013/10/26


(ZXY, 1984)

Monica Stucchi, más bien conocida como Valerie Dore, nacida en Monte Carlo (28 May 1963)). Alcanzó la fama en los 80's en la ola italo disco del momento y fué una gran influencia en grupos como Modern Talking, la cantante Sabrina y Sandra Cretu entre otros. Su influencia llega incluso hoy en dia, como más reciente tenemos a Sally Shapiro, quién confiesa que Valiere Dore le ha sido de gran influencia en su disco Disco Romance, lanzado en 2007.

Monica empezó como modelo y fué a la edad de 22 años que la familia Nicolosi y Roberto Gasparani la escogieron para iniciar su proyecto «Valerie Dore» con el single «The night».

Voz original de; The Night y Get Closer = Dora Carofiglio

Lancelot y The Legend etc = Simona Zanini

Monica Stucchi era" la cara de "Valerie Dore Fue la intérprete en el escenario y en los programas de televisión Las voces reales de Valerie.. Dore eran Dora Carofiglio (por primera vez) y Simona Zanini (desde 1986).

por cierto Angie Care / Angie / Domina = Angela Carofiglio (hermana de Dora)

Este Videoclip y todo el trabajo realizado en el va dedicado a mi tete Pablo De la hoz Lopez.


2 years ago

André Ribeiro

Great music and great vídeo! Thank you for posting!

2 years ago

spieler eins

happiness is easy

2 years ago

Wilson Sanchez

Que bella

2 years ago

Antoni G

2 years ago

Francesco Rossi

Get Closer.Altro grande successo anni 80. ricordate?

3 years ago

Luca Angiolini

io divento matto...

3 years ago


Good morning my friends .....Get closer !

3 years ago


I Love 80s

3 years ago

Der Grosse

Very nice

3 years ago


She was not a true beauty but she was SO SEXY!!!!!

3 years ago

Uwe Brenner

Ist doch heut so schön wie früher so zeitlos des Get Closer von der Valerie Dore aus ITALIENLOL 

3 years ago


toujour la plus bellle

3 years ago

victor ordaz

Bella cancion y cantante. La mejor musica del mundo. 

3 years ago

Sushi & Nemsis


3 years ago


Great face and style. Miss her.

3 years ago

Ellypso Waratahs

Valerie Dore's second major hit! More ethereal than her first great hit single "The night"... & still such a listening enjoyment for me 30 years after its release in 1985 !

3 years ago

Kyach Distent

To Ken del Dayton, how can Slagdonna nicking this dress be surprising-the nasty skank takes off anything and everything and passes it off as her own. Notice how similar the wonderful Kim Wilde's magnificent 3rd album "Catch As Catch Can" cover with it's shimmering dream-like blue and white cover catching Kim in a sensual dreamy pose is to the slag from hell's 3rd album cover 'True Poo' only the music sucks, she can't sing and she's going for erotic on the front cover and getting it wrong, which she tried again for on the 1992 album, which incidentally steals much music from the great Sandra Cretu's 1992 masterpiece album "Close To Seven". On that '92 album, slag has a song called 'Thief Of Hearts'-thief of parts more like, quite the best thing she ever did, not that it's hers of course, with 2 of Sandra's songs from '92 written all over it, and hag's 1987 single 'La Isla Bonita' seems to be trying what Kim went for in 'Shangri'-La' (the year bagdonna first came out) lyrically, only of course it fails. It's tragic that cos the troll is American, people take for granted she's an artist just cos everyone knows here name and she manages to get her stolen shit out to the masses. Well anyone who thinks that, now wonder you're all thick with no taste. Proper artist my arse. Slag's not even a proper stripper (what a vile thought-but no viler than her). On Valerie's wavelength, quite a nice song here.

3 years ago


Ich liebe diese Frau

3 years ago

wenn interessierts

einfach zeitlos und immer wieder schön anzuhören, von der valerie ist einfach alles gut. eine unverwechselbare stimme, klasse, sehr gut umgesetzt, mucas gracias amigo italoco 

3 years ago

Sergey Magell

Very Nice Song & Time !

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