UVA's Academical Village People - "Kate" by Ben Folds video free download

Duration: 02:59
Uploaded: 2008/11/13

AVP sets a new personal record: learning, practicing, and performing an entire song in 2 hours! We hope you enjoy this one we resurrected from AVP of old...


8 years ago

Reid Mayer

Good job W!

8 years ago


I first heard this song on the CD "BOCA 2004: Best of College A Cappella '04." The UVA Academical Village People sang "Kate" for one of the tracks, and it's my favorite track on the CD. Until seeing this video, I wondered how many people were singing backup, and basically wondered what it looked like to see this group sing it. I'm glad to have this video to have my curiosities answered. Even though the lyrics aren't steller, this song has a great tune and lots of energy. It's so alive.

8 years ago


Awesome arrangement! Love it. The soloist even sounds kinda like Ben :) The backgrounds are just a tad overpowering but he holds up well

8 years ago

Lauren C

Interesting choice of Ben Folds song...I haven't heard many different arrangments of this one....

9 years ago


avp sung this when i was in school...*sigh* i miss uva.

9 years ago


i thought it was SO exciting. Kate isn't my fave ben folds but you did an amazing job!!!

9 years ago


Nice job over all! I would recommend on the echo falsetto(Danelions, Butterflies, etc.) that instead of one, three guys sing it. It will sound cooler.

9 years ago

m1ssy chr1ssy09

GREAT ARRANGEMENT!! I wish I could here the bass more and hear the lead more. This group would be very very very very awesome with balance with the parts. Great job!! : D

9 years ago


The arrangement on this is unbelievable. Best of luck guys!

9 years ago


excellent arrangement!

9 years ago

Michael Patino

The group completely overpowers the lead singer. Too bad. It has potential otherwise.

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