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Uploaded: 2014/09/15

"If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be... a tragedy."

"Please remember me, even if I can no longer see the world."

By: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure ft. Shione Yukawa


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2 years ago

André Magalhães

Is it just me or this song is perfect for Tokyo Ghoul: re? 

2 years ago

Electric Mix

This anime breaks me. Yet I love it ;-;

2 years ago

juan diago grisales patiño

what this a song this a opening or a soundtrack from tokyo ghoul , or what seanson this

2 years ago

halima mtg

i have to delete this song from my phone :(

2 years ago

Esther Denike

Kaneki Ken is a sweetheart...

2 years ago

Gato Noto

You,should Mae a,download for,the,pitched version as well. Love this verson

2 years ago


this is gold

2 years ago

Jimmy Manny

I replace the singer with Kaneki, it sounds much more beautiful...

2 years ago

Samet Demirbaş

It goes with rain and thunder sounds perfect.*sorry for my bad english if i had a mistake :c*

2 years ago


また隠した もう一つの夢の中で見てた夜を思い出した君の中に落としたひとりを見つけないで 僕はまだいないから目を塞いで見てたものは失くしかけた僕の世界思い出して 忘れた言葉を見つけないで 僕はまだいないから美しい嘘もつけずに透明な人に憧れて目を塞いで見えたものは 冬に堕ちた夢の匂い風に触れたらさらわれるかな秘密に咲いたスローモーション風に触れられたら 心がさらわれていく伝えかけた言葉を失くして僕の中へ誰かが飛び降りていく思い出して 忘れた言葉を見つけないで 僕はまだいないからさらわれていくいつかの記憶の中から 透き通るものを傷つけた目を塞いで見えたものは 風に消えた夢の匂い

2 years ago

Jacob O'Dell

I know that this song is pitched but I really really like this more than the original for some reason.Especially the part at 3:00. The higher pitched voice really made it sound amazing.

2 years ago

Mama Luigi

Does anybody know on which websites to read the manga! I alway's go on this one website and it always gives me glitches!!! Please I really want to read the manga, I'm only on volume one chapter 7, or is there a store to buy the rest of the manga's?, I only have the first volume one, on my shelf and I want yo read more!!

2 years ago

Oneokrock dreamer夢想家

Honestly still haven't watched this anime can't find it anywhere and it makes me mad. Any one know where I can watch it? 

2 years ago

Samanta Yuquie Oshiro Barbosa

viciei nessa música!! hahahahanão consigo parar de ouvir.. mto bem feita!

2 years ago

canNotThink OfAName

This is a bit off topic from the video, but does anyone know where I can read Tokyo Ghoul:re online? I remember reading the first 7 chapters a couple months ago on Manga Fox, but now it's not on there and I have no idea where to find it.

2 years ago

Sam, Why?

This is too beautiful to put into words!! Listening to this on a rainy night, brings out all the feels :'( This song is so sad X'C

2 years ago

Life Sucks


2 years ago

Tina Sprout

Mein leben ist traurig...

2 years ago

Rick Tofon

Can someone please translate this 

2 years ago


This song would be fitting for a FatalFrame game

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