Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel (Acoustic) video free download

Duration: 03:49
Uploaded: 2015/05/20

"Let's... rest a bit..."

This song murders me everytime.

By: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

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& the picture I used here is from the manga in chapter 140..


2 years ago


This song is truly a masterpiece 

2 years ago


Cool...Needs a String Quartet though

2 years ago


I cri evrytiem

2 years ago

christina vyazovay

i love this song and anime it's so sad ),:

2 years ago

Austin Huynh

Honestly people had to much expectations for the anime to be exactly like the manga. Incase you didn't know, Root A's script is actually the original storyline for Tokyo Ghoul, the manga was changed. When people thought it was going to be like the manga and found out it wasn't they got pissed because it wasn't exactly the way they wanted it to be. Tokyo Ghoul Root A was still amazing , even if it wasn't like the manga. I mean if you put it together everything still works. Like Takizawa becoming a ghoul. Also hinting that Amon is Floppy the mysterious ghoul considering in the anime when Akira is crying you only see the quinque not a body attached.

2 years ago

Madara Uchiha

There's always that incredible satisfaction when you're able to sing along 

2 years ago

River Wind

It's so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!! *feels*

2 years ago

Gaurab Paudel

This song is truly amazing!

2 years ago

Robert Silva


2 years ago

Kassy Spencer

The lyrics are so deep ; ^;

2 years ago

Alexis Baker

Every fan of this anime should hold hands and sing this song.

2 years ago

Hinata Hyuga

J'suis triste et j'en pleur,Hide est mort

2 years ago

Asiia campbell

This was in the show. It was so sad at that scene.

2 years ago

Luke Alsmond

I feel like this should've played when Hide died because it would've made the last episode of season 2 so much more emotion because I feel like this is the song that should play when I die .-.

2 years ago

Elisa Huang

This is so emotional....

2 years ago


Guys, is going to be a season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul?

2 years ago

júlio marques

Muito foda

2 years ago



2 years ago

OKTO gamer T.L

Unravel versão acoustic. A música perfeita para se ouvir antes de dormir. Que delicia cara

2 years ago

Timus Tay

Unravelling the world <3

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