Toh Kay: A Better Place, A Better Time - AltarTV video free download

Duration: 03:55
Uploaded: 2013/07/09

Toh Kay performs "A Better Place, A Better Time" for Revival Tour, April 2013 for AltarTV. "A Better Place, A Better Time" is available on their 2011 album 'Streetlight Lullabies' via Pentimento Music Company.

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3 years ago

Niklas Lundgren

That's a Flamenco guitar, it's *not* a classical guitar. Different material and therefor the sound is different. Kalnoky plays a very heavy fingering style with fast chord changes which the Flamenco guitar helps out well with it's clean "drumming" sound but also the Flamenco guitar got less sustain. If he would play on a classical guitar the notes from one chord will sustain over to the next chord making it sound bad. 

4 years ago

Marcos Perea

genioo :D

4 years ago

Danilo Lins


4 years ago


I wonder if this guy will write a book.

4 years ago

Robert Foley

This show was just perfect. I love when artists put a whole new spin on their work. Tom is the man.

4 years ago

Sonya Alfano

Do you not know what a classical guitar is....

4 years ago

Michael Campbell

WHY DID I MISS THIS LAST YEAR. I've seen every Revival Tour since they played Belvederes.

4 years ago

Erik Uccello

Actually it's a pretty high end classical man. It compliments the music really well. If you look, he uses same one in most videos and I'm pretty sure this is the guitar from Streetlight Lullabies.

4 years ago

Pedro Pacheco

that's a hella ugly guitar and sounds bad, what makes absolute no difference when played by tomas

4 years ago

Joe Maiocco

Toh Kay blew me away. Incredible set that night

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