Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar video free download

Duration: 08:17
Uploaded: 2013/03/16

Supporting Kiss & Motley Crue

Allphones Area, Sydney

9th March 2013


2 years ago

Agnes Velthuis

Allways on my mind .. .

2 years ago

Darren Davenport

Fucking garbage! This is NOT thin lizzy .... this is a total insult !

2 years ago

Phil Hitchman

For those who don't know who's these are... yes, that's Brian Downey on drums, but he's not the only member of Lizzy in there - that's Scott Gorham - on the right with the red Gibson. And Darren Wharton has been with them on keyboards since 1981. The scruffy herbert on vocals is Ricky Warwick - ex Almighty. And Marco Mendoza on bass, who's been playing tribute gigs with them since the mid 90's. OK, Phil's not there, but unfortunately he's dead, so there's not much they can do about that. Personally I wish they'd leave the Thin Lizzy name alone, but it's not as bad as some on here are making out - after all it was recorded on a mobile phone, and you can't blame them for wanting to make a few bucks out of something they were a big part of in the 70's. It's called cashing in - I expect they need the money :) I believe they give a cut of the profits to Lynott's family.

2 years ago


brian downey original lizzy member on drums

2 years ago

Brett Jones

Boo!I agree with Harold-Sweat_head

2 years ago


And Gary turns in his grave, picks up his guitar and blows these guys away. An average cover band, at best.

2 years ago

Jean Fainbrun


2 years ago

Dylan Thompson

Who is this?

2 years ago

Richard Mister


3 years ago

Piotr Solich

..dla peli charlesa i grzesia..

3 years ago

James Welsh

this band is not phil gary moore etc jimmy ayrshire

3 years ago



3 years ago

Adam Zapple

I got into Lizzy around the time Jailbreak was released. Since then I've been a devoted fan. This is painful to watch. It's an absolute bloody insult to the memory of the band and the fans. It's like Ringo Starr reforming the Beatles with some pub singers. What was Scot thinking? How did he ever expect to replace the charisma, creativity, style and swashbuckling persona of Phil? He got it badly wrong. He should apologise in person to every real Lizzy fan for this unacceptable abomination. 

3 years ago

Colin Hay

Everyone chill - They only called themselves Thin Lizzy for one Australian tour in 2013 - they are now the Black Star Riders and have been for quite some time ....

3 years ago

Benoit Vanhees

Sack that singer please... This is not just bad, this is terrible. He's pussyfooting in far too big shoes, the string of tattoos is only a smoke screen to hide that lack of talent.

3 years ago

Nick Richmond

Very sad to see this footage, I'm in my 60's, seen Thin Lizzy from the first line up live, when Eric Bell was with the band. Why Scott Gorham and Brian Downey got involved in this is beyond belief, this is more like spinal tap, Phil Lynott and Gary Moore wouldn't have approved, take a look at the Phil Lynott tribute concert in Ireland in 2006 with Gary Moore, when Eric Bell was invited on stage to do Whisky in the Jar, as Gary said, Phil Lynott said, only Eric Bell could do this song with Thin Lizzy. Also, the same footage from 2006, Scott did a great performance with Gary on Black Rose, Cowboy Song, and the Boys are back in town, cant for the likes of me work out why Brian and Scott did this nonsense. (pure spinal tap).

3 years ago

Mathieu Gargiolo

The guitar intro is sooo amazing!!

3 years ago

URNsane2use Realname

Not a bad cover with great sound. Just a damn good rock song when done with passion

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