Thin Lizzy - Ghetto Woman video free download

Duration: 03:52
Uploaded: 2008/02/24

A rare radio recording of the song "Ghetto Woman", followed by a short excerpt of Lynott and Bell talking. This audio is from January 1974, just before Bell left Thin Lizzy. Enjoy!


3 years ago

Alan Lloyd

I believe American radio should play more lizzy than just the jailbreak songs, they should've sold millions here in U.S. as I think Phil is a better songwriter than the other 70's artists´╗┐

3 years ago


Eric is spectacular here. Dream trio. Wish they would last longer together.´╗┐

4 years ago

Alan Lloyd

Awesome! U can hear them already sounding like that NIGHTLIFE sound and with Eric bell.

5 years ago


Phil that space and ring that Bell

6 years ago


Lynott was a musical alchemist....He was the last romantic rock hero.

7 years ago

Simon Garrett

listen to you tube dot com

7 years ago

winitred000 .

evidently this band had more songs in the 70s in the UK than it did the US.............they sang the boys are back in town right?

7 years ago


I love this tune, it is totally happening! I have it on MP3 from somewhere...

7 years ago

Jons-Petter Bengtsson

Bell got that BB King thing going on the solo. Great!

7 years ago

Konstantinos Giannoussis

crystal voice

7 years ago


The guitar solo is fucking wonderful!!!!

8 years ago


@blacksabfan That last show took place in Belfast on 31st December 1973. Eric apparently had drank so much that he was hallucinating! He left the band, saying that he was going to get some peace and quiet in Belfast!

8 years ago

diego Rios

amazing!! Phil the king!!!! i love your music!!

8 years ago


....but..... phil... he's black.... and what do you mean white? do I hear a negative stereotype?

8 years ago


I like Thin Lizzy, but this version is just too...white...compared to the renditions by Freddie King and BB King.

8 years ago


that's how I got All of this yrs ago.. Free (downloads) and better Too have than too Not had Heard.. when it comes to THIN LIZZY.. Amen.. thx BlacksabFan

9 years ago


....I hear "Don't Believe a Word"...oh,yeah...thanks for the tunes,Blacksabfan,you're the man.

9 years ago

Ian Tyrrel

Old Shit... But a very killer song title!

9 years ago


solid gold.

9 years ago


Eric Bell was incredible. No matter what people say my favourite line up was Bell, Downey and Lynott. It was the chemistry- they did outstanding songs with the other guitarists but this was their most important stage at the beginning, and they did such damn beautiful songs!

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