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This track was an extra song recorded in September 1982 as Thin Lizzy was in the process of making "Thunder and Lightning". It never made it onto the record however, most likely due to its length. An amazing track and I thought Lizzy/Lynott fans would like to hear it. It's just a slideshow with some stills from Hitchin 1983 thrown over the song. I was more focused on having this song up on YouTube than having a fancy video, so enjoy!

Edit 3/27/08: This was my very first video...and now I'm approaching 200. Mindblowing...


You should of seen it

How they tore him down

Lined up against the wall and they shot his body down

Would not believe it

There were tears in his eyes

His heart was broken

They would not listen

All was well

He is gone now

They should of seen it

There was nothing left

Just an empty shell

I would not believe that

This would pass

He is gone now, alas

He is gone now, alas

He is gone now, alas...

And like the soldier, he's born to fight

He's sees the wisdom of the ways of night

He knows he has to seek another word

For the brave are the loved? and the ones he heard

He let the angel into the night

His heart is broken, he knows he fights

He sees the ways of the wisdom of the demon of the fire

He lives in legend, you see him now

He's silver-tongued and knows it now

And the words of wisdom, he knows them well

He called it all a cause to rebel

And like the demon that knows us all

He fights to fight, he fights to fall

And though he goes he knows he lives way out in the fire

Don't let him slip away

Don't let him slip away

There is a demon in his heart and he knows he he's had his day, oh yeah..

Don't let him slip away

Don't let it slip away

Like a heart and a soul in the dungeon he knows he's got away

And like a demon he knows he lives within the fire

And like a demon he knows he lives within the fire

They wouldn't listen...

You should of seen it

How they tore him down

He was a bright spirit

Burned down

They would not listen

Just to see it pass

He would not believe it

Oh no, alas

I wish I'd seen him

And told him now

I get so broke up

I get so broke up

I would not listen

To a word he said

And now he plays the blues...

Into the fire

Like a demon

He's into the fire

A broken champion

Lost his beret

He's broken

He's frozen

He helps her

She knows it

He's sees it's all in vain

He's a champion

She's left him here

Like a king in the story and the king and the glory I fear

The killer's on the side street

There is water down the drain

There's a killer on the highway

And I think I'm insane

They say there is no reason

It's more than it appears...

She jumps out the backdoor and says, "oh my God it's here"

He calls to the innocent

'Have mercy, mercy on me'

Then the guilty come in, and they let him free

He rises to the occasion

'I'm God-like God-like'

A transvestant? space

He tries to warn him

It's an institution out there

And society is broke down

Nobody cares

They do not listen

To fools like us

In God and country, they trust

Like the demon fighters of old

They are broken

Like the wicked wanted

Left smokin'

Like the houses after the war

They are broken



There's ?

The wicked are wanted

The hungry are daunted

Children are flaunted

And I go undaunted...


3 years ago


I am so glad that I was fortunate to see the late great Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy in concert in 1979 outdoors with Nazareth and UFO great show.

3 years ago


i love this song ...

3 years ago

Steve Joynson

@blacksabfan This is a better version of one you've shared before? I remember one where the sound was mushy and Phil's vocal sounded too high like the whole song was on a tape atslightly wrong speed.

3 years ago


In 1981 most of my friends only knew "The Boys Are Back In Town" but I played many of the old albums for them and they were blown away and soon became familiar and started buying TL music.I played Renegade at a party and when Mexican Blood came on everyone looked around like wow who is this.When Thunder & Lightning came out I bought it that day and told me buddy to come down. When he heard the first song T&L he said "Holy Sh*t!" who is this and I told him TL,he said this is the hardest sh*t I have ever heard.I am a huge Thin Lizzy fan,always have been always will be.This song is outstanding. It must be Sykes destroying his Les Paul in this tune. Thanks for sharing

3 years ago

Bent Outta Shape

Christ I've never heard this... Thank's

3 years ago

John Marchak

Fits really well into the "Renegade" era, "just a boy, that's all..." Phil may have thought this sounded too much like the title track. Great major cords building up in the song. I join all the Lizzy fans in thanking you for sharing this great tune. Sykes is on the guitar. I played Emerald to a friend who is a very good musician and can't believe Lizzy never made it big in the USA. He said Emerald was not commercial enough. Maybe he has a point?

3 years ago

Karl Helge Høgset

Great track! Never heard it before.. And it reminds me how sadly missed Phil Lynnot is...?.. 

3 years ago

John Carlson

Bad Ass, is Right...!

3 years ago


wooooow rock and rock for ever and ever

4 years ago


Great track,first time i have heard it,had the privilige of seeing Lizzy on 3 occasions at the Glasgow apollo.

4 years ago


how old are you?

4 years ago


Great tune

4 years ago

frederic foubert

Thank u so much....a pure fan

4 years ago

Caroline Clarkson Drake

Brilliant song and it is a shame it never made it onto the Thunder and Lightning album.

4 years ago


<3 <3 I love Thin Lizzy since 1974 when they come to,Karldhamn,in Sweden,,I just love them,,,but it`s e big lost of Phil Lynnot!!!

4 years ago

Alan Lloyd

So good! Bass like is so expressive

5 years ago

Alan Lloyd

sounds good. i am just made to enjoy anything Phil did. i love the Eric Bell stuff, i Love the "classic era" stuff , and i love the 80's "metal" sounding songs. it is just awesome

5 years ago


Awesome song!!!!

5 years ago

powertron powertronx

I can't find this song anywhere...

5 years ago


Great music , this music have deep feelings great song .

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