Thin lizzy - Dancing in the moonlight video free download

Duration: 03:23
Uploaded: 2006/03/21

Dancing in the moonlight videoclip


2 years ago


heroin sucks :(

2 years ago

MackAttack 27

Cerveza, Thin Lizzy and the sun. Ahhhh bliss

2 years ago

Kong Kub

thin lizzy is lifeFULL RESPECT

2 years ago

dänge dängman

What does the word "trance" (not sure if its spelled right) mean ? the line is "and my father is going crazy he says im living in a trance" thanks.

3 years ago

Oscar Korres Larrauri

Thin lizzy - Dancing in the moonlight

3 years ago


great song

3 years ago

Cristina A

Thin Lizzy and Phil, a wonderful voice, which he left us too soon..."Dance in the Moonlight"

3 years ago

Luke James

Damn those chocolate stains. DAMN THEM!

3 years ago

Licidia Debassige

thin lizzy rules rip,music rocknroll

3 years ago

Janet Walker

my fav thin Lizzy song

3 years ago

eanna mackey

How can anyone ignore this

3 years ago

Lorenzo Liverani

Listened for the first time the evening before S. Patrick day in Dublin, played by two acoustic guitarist in temple bar area.... WOW. Can't stop listening.

3 years ago


For Marko.This would be your 46th birthday. I will never forget you.I love you.Manon

3 years ago

Katie Faith

This song makes me dance... Any time of the day, 7 days a week.

3 years ago

mr gruff


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