The Unforgiven II - Metallica (Lyrics) video free download

Duration: 06:36
Uploaded: 2008/03/01

This song is called "unforgiven II" by "Metallica".

I wrote the lyrics of this song up for a guy called "stangematter321" also because it is an awesome song!

If you have any songs you want lyrics written up to then please ask I am happy to do most rock/metal songs and others :D

thanks for taking interest!


1 year ago

Parkast Gaming

Dislikes: 426 people are forgiven

1 year ago


I don't like Rock music but this is so good!I love matal and I would like to commend Sabaton

1 year ago

Serhat Roşan Akın

cok iyi müzik yav

1 year ago

Per Rasmussen

Rock On.....

1 year ago


Perfect song.The only thing: shouldn't be "pair of lives" instead of "paralyze"?

1 year ago


omg this song is so good and amazing i always get the chills

1 year ago


This song hits me harder than any metal song in the world, the lyrics are so deep and has actual thought to it. I will forever applaud Metallica till the day I die!

1 year ago

Spencer O

These lyric videos always make me cringe. You silly kids!

1 year ago

Dylan Dawson

Best new song by Metallica!!!

1 year ago

Games community

who dislikes this song is a hater for sure. reeetards

1 year ago

Dr Campbell

Metallica is and always be the shit. Metallica is awesome!

1 year ago

Alexandro Cañas Madrid

Ohhhh yiiieeaa

1 year ago

Giovanni Matos

Turn the page,turn to stone

1 year ago

Affaf Djebbar

Métllica , you speak my mind !!

1 year ago


unforgiven. just like you guys are by most fans after st. anger

1 year ago

WL Siam

The door is closed,so are your eyes........

1 year ago

Right Hand Clyde

they should sing this and until it sleeps and hero of the day in more of their concerts...

1 year ago

Anton Plevako

I hate these casual comments by the uploader in the video!!!

1 year ago

zied chamar

the best one ever

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