The Seekers - It Doesn't Matter Anymore video free download

Duration: 02:54
Uploaded: 2009/05/18


2 years ago

MJ Perrin

Really great rendition of this poignant song! It's hard not to tear up.

3 years ago


Flawless. And don't you just love how Judith 'lives' the song, so full of restless, almost mischievous, girlish buoyancy as she sings and pauses to jig along to the instrumental passages. Everything that can be said about her truly lovely voice has been said - what an absolute treasure she is - and the boys.

3 years ago


Judith always seems to be smiling what a lovely lady

3 years ago

Donald Hague

To bad Buddy Holly didn't live to hear this wonderful version of his song

3 years ago

john bethell

The Seekers the one really impotant thing to come from Australia it is a pity we cannot claim them as Kiwis because we love them here

3 years ago


Sounding as perfect as ever & looking pretty dam good in that Blue/Black outfit as well

3 years ago


Written by Paul Anka....

3 years ago

Rob Burnett

Im American. I love these guys. I was so in love with Judith. She's still amazing

3 years ago

les reed

Judith and Linda Ronstadt both do great justice to this song - beautiful......

3 years ago

Richard Troxel

I imagine that Buddy Holly would approve! Actually, he would be honored!!

3 years ago

The 5th

I like The seekers but I still prefer the original, its sadder. This is more upbeat which doesn't suit the song as much, Spose they've just put a positive spin on it.

3 years ago

David Taylor

Love you Judith.There is no female singer in the world that can come close to this beautiful voice and personality.

3 years ago

Julie Dutton

Judith has such a perfect voice she can sing anything.

3 years ago

Leo lopez

I love love love her voice.. she did an awesome job!!!.. her version is as good as buddy's!!!

3 years ago


She has the voice

3 years ago

Padraic Devlin

Such a very pretty version

3 years ago

Dan Nunya

that lady's voice gives me chills-man!

3 years ago


A professionally trained voice with no crotch grabbing, twerking, auto-tune or wardrobe malfunctions. Sure was a different time back then...

3 years ago


Absolutely fantastic! My youth revisited!!!!! Grtz., Niek from Holland

3 years ago

David Spegel

she may be older but her voice is still her singing,...wish i had found her sooner...

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