The Roches - You're The One video free download

Duration: 03:18
Uploaded: 2010/11/03

you're the love

of my-life

is there any way I can

get to see you

have a cup of coffee maybe

somethin' like that

I was in a maze of buildings

runnin' all around like a rat

in the miWle of the night

all of those years that I got

lost without you

tracking the equator all the

way to the north pole

looking for a home or dead

end to this longing in my soul honey you were my friend

if the truth be told

I can understand though if you

don't remember

all you have to do is say the

word and l'll go

this is just a dream that I've been

holding onto God I don't know

it's so hard to let it come

you're the one

that I want


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