THE ROCHES - IT'S BAD FOR ME video free download

Duration: 02:49
Uploaded: 2012/05/05

Great acapella vocals by The Roches - Maggie, Terre, and Suzzy Roche, three sisters from New Jersey. It's from their 1980 album titled NURDS. Music and words by Cole Porter.


2 years ago

P Flynn

Yeah, where's Nurds? This is bs, man. 

5 years ago

Saoirse Smith

me too.. been listening to them for eons, it seems, and NEVER get tired of them!

5 years ago


They are so versatile!! I love these ladies!!

5 years ago


Please, please, PLEASE post more from this album. Post Nurds or This Feminine Position or My Sick Mind. And thank you so much for putting this up, I adore you for it.

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