The Pretty Reckless - Prisoner (Audio) video free download

Duration: 03:01
Uploaded: 2016/09/30

The Pretty Reckless - Prisoner

From the album Who You Selling For - available October 21

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11 months ago

Lizanne Leonard

sweet jeezoh this album kicks ass can't wait to hear it live on January in glasgow you guys rock xxx

11 months ago

Mist 2.0

Best Album !!!!!! i love it

11 months ago

Telecaster Man

I love this album :)

11 months ago

Rachelle Giroux

Im a little dissappinted with this album ... Too repetitive and slow , nothing gets me like going to hell did , i only enjoy take me down on this album :(

11 months ago

Beatriz Antun

puta merda, que album maravilhoso

12 months ago

Samuel D'Atri

Yaaaaas queen!!

12 months ago

Erica Bass

Sounds a lot like Dorothy ... absolutely love it but it's not TPR =/

12 months ago

Daniel Rankin

I've seen Taylor and her puppets many times live! I no longer listen to this music because I DONT WANT TO BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY

12 months ago


Getting away with the blues progression, GREAT!

12 months ago

John Patterson

you are property of the government. see through their lies and what they dont tell you. great song. deep meaning

1 year ago

May Yara

This song is boring. =/

1 year ago

veronica betancur

cant wait to buy the album, they've been doing great

1 year ago

Vigilant Muslim

Please tell me is there any way for me to get a free album i live for their songs i waited so long!

1 year ago

Gina DeLange

Im so stoked to see them on the 23rd this Sunday! I cant wait to listen to the whole album!! hell yessss

1 year ago

Wonderland Dreamer


1 year ago

Michel JAY

Well, it's different... not exactly whatt I was expecting from them but at least they don't repeat the same formula again and again O^O

1 year ago

violet_bruise 1709

hell yas

1 year ago


but does it djent?

1 year ago


Anyone else hearing the Jack White influence?

1 year ago

gabriel vinicius Oliveira

the punchiest riff i have heard in years

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