The Lox ft. Lil' Kim & DMX - Money, Power & Respect video free download

Duration: 04:47
Uploaded: 2011/04/19

The Lox ft. Lil' Kim & DMX - Money, Power & Respect [Official Video] No copyright infringement intended. Promotional use only.

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2 years ago

Janeria Mcclellan

Check out this video on YouTube:#

2 years ago


I had this song on a Funkmaster Flex mix tape back when I was in high school. Memories. Love the beat!

2 years ago

Helder Lopes


2 years ago

Butch Brown7

Let's Turn up word up!!!

2 years ago


This track still bangs!

2 years ago

Tre Tucker

got damn kim was bad!!! dammit scott storch!......

2 years ago

Anna-Kaye Johnson

Lil kim now she's looking so fuck up its better to be your self 

2 years ago


oh, this is before Lil' Kim turned into a crazy asian lady. cool video.

3 years ago

Ali T

I say if you're gonna mute the curse words or post a "clean version", then don't post the fucking video at all.

3 years ago

Bobby Lawson

damn lil kim was fucking hot before all that plastic surgery

3 years ago

Roy Hemion

This shit is still great!

3 years ago

simba sabah


3 years ago

Andrea King

& another winning song like that jay z song roc boyz....don't this song make u feel good?...chitown standup

3 years ago

Thomas Mutuku

Check out this video on YouTube:

3 years ago

Jeffrey Odinigweh

DMX legend ...

3 years ago

Colossus Rhodes

DAMN. this is when lil kim looked like lil kim. and DMX wasnt a slave of the illuminati. alas, the good ole days... when bboys actually would dance to the beat and not just do power moves...

3 years ago

Kenneth Blanco

"Only time will tell "

3 years ago

uselinx linxuse

Money power respect

3 years ago


Man niggas used to really care about Spittin

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