The Cellar - King Diamond video free download

Duration: 04:34
Uploaded: 2013/02/27

The Cellar - King Diamond

Give Me Your Soul...Please 2007


3 years ago

Ricardo Sosa

buena critica todo el trabajo es una obra maestra

3 years ago

Ville Tyni

infinite goosebumps,. yes please

3 years ago

Julio Bravo

Ultima mente es la q mas me gusta del give me you soul please...lml

4 years ago

yves jacquot

welcome to the cellar!

4 years ago


Excelente canción,y mejor aún todo el álbum de principio a fin.

4 years ago


One of my favourite tracks off the album :) Such a melancholic intro, the threat in King Diamond's voice when he says 'the dark is so much darker here' and then that mighty 'I shouldn't be down here' that so defines our obsession with thinks that scare us in a mere sentence...

4 years ago


This song kicks so much ass

5 years ago


Thanks for the upload!

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