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Hey Jude topped the charts in Britain for two weeks and for 9 weeks in America, where it became The Beatles longest-running No.1 in the US singles chart as well as the single with the longest running time.

The Beatles did not record their promotional film until Hey Jude had been on sale in America for a week. They returned to Twickenham Film Studio, using director Michael Lindsay-Hogg who had worked with them on Paperback Writer and Rain. Earlier still, Lindsay-Hogg had directed episodes of Ready Steady Go! And a few months after the film for Hey Jude he made The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus TV special that featured John and Yoko but wouldn’t be shown until 1996

To help with the filming an audience of around 300 local people, as well as some of the fans that gathered regularly outside Abbey Road Studios were brought in for the song’s finale. Their presence had an unlikely upside for The Beatles in their long-running saga with the Musicians’ Union in that the MU were fooled into believing the band were playing live, when in fact they were miming for the vast majority of the song. Paul, however, sang live throughout the song.

The video was first broadcast on David Frost’s Frost On Sunday show, four days after it was filmed. At that point transmission was in black and white although the promo was originally shot in colour. It was first aired in America a month later on 6 October 1968, on The Smotheres Brothers Comedy Hour.


2 years ago

Sam Feldstein

Am I the only one who thinks of a Granny Smith apple whenever I hear or think about this song?

2 years ago

Jorge Patiño

Ist it me or can you actually hear the live version and the studio version at the same time in some parts of the video?

2 years ago


Has these footage videos ever been released before?

2 years ago

Toony B

Hey Jude, She loves you, Ballad of John & Yoko, Lady Madonna, I want to hold your hand, Paperback Writer, Day Tripper, Hello Goodbye, All you need is love, Strawberry fields forever : All singles that ( I think im right in saying ) weren't released on original British albums when they hit the charts. What other group would or could do that? Thats the Beatles for you. Simply the greatest band ever.

2 years ago

Steven Arias

Thank you for anyone who decided to do this

2 years ago

jorge luis quispe conislla

Si no es la mejor canción de todos los tiempos, sin duda esta entre las 5 mejores <3

2 years ago

kevin maradiaga

jamas es el verdadero paul macarthney esa cancion es una practica vien echa fijense vien comolo bservan los otros tres conpaneros como queriendo desir quenolo ase igual al verdadero soy kevin y esmicometario

2 years ago

Danny Clark

Hey, false Jews, why did you make soooo much money using those biblical testimonies throughout history eh? Just, remember... what Saint Timothy had said instead...: The love for money is of the root of many evils. Some people who and because they had been anxious about gaining themselves money had wandered against the faith and became pierced by many sorrows.

2 years ago

Dark Link

Esta cancion es buenisima. Pero, soy el unico que prefiere a los Rolling Stones que a los Beatles?

2 years ago


video and sound, wonderfull :)

2 years ago

Another Beatles Fan

When Paul makes eye contact with the camera it makes my entire week. <3

2 years ago

Kenny Graddick

George on the bass???

2 years ago

Mel Blank

this is the greatest thing to ever happen

2 years ago

Maria Pierce

My kingdom to be at that moment!!!!!

2 years ago

Robert Salas

Most Influential song of The Beatles!!!!!

2 years ago

Jose Gonzalez

??? i heard this took multiple takes, yet it seems to have been live? although it looks like it might have been rehearsed why make it seem live?

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