The Beatles - Girl video free download

Duration: 02:32
Uploaded: 2008/11/08


1 year ago

Ben Jones

the best band ever what a tune blows your mind

1 year ago


I love the video with this

1 year ago

trevin ellison

That moment you wip out your guitar and sing it to your girlHer heart seems to melt

1 year ago

Jonathan Blaze


1 year ago


John's voice touching heaven. Just him sang from his heart, guts and soul as here, or Julia, Mother, Love, Mr. Moonlight, etc.etc.

1 year ago

john maddox

if you were around when this song came along it seemed so strange yet great.

1 year ago

jacqueline jerez


1 year ago

Neno Pacinotti

On Air now.... 19)

1 year ago

Brett Koeshall

I remember this song from the oldies station.

1 year ago

Kenneth Daniel

Their music has. And still doesStand the test of time e

1 year ago


I adore the Beatles. But I never thought of them as "sexy," it just never was an adjective I would use in association with this iconic band. That is until I heard this song and that thing they do with sucking in their breath like that during the song, kind of hot.

1 year ago

loly p.

Aquí os dejo otro bonito tema de los Beatles,

1 year ago

Arbie Webb,Jr.

John Lennon and the Beatles perform Girl. Happy 10th anniversary You Tube! 

1 year ago

Andrew MJsOldestfan K.

The best of the best of the BRITISH INVASION!!! Sweet dreams John, you are still sadly missed :(

1 year ago

Paulo Cardoso

oh girl..........maravilhosa.........

1 year ago


Return to the past !!!

2 years ago

Bruce Powell

A bittersweet ode to girls. Very meaningful and tuneful.

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