Duration: 02:11
Uploaded: 2008/07/09

Video Clip created by Alexandros Molfessis , for Rafael


1 year ago


When John died the hospital played this song...

1 year ago

Petey B

Simply awesome !,

1 year ago

nan franklin

Very good music , good times, maybe have been just at the begging of Viet Nam , but living was easy .

1 year ago

Yesennia Gonzalez

The Beatles... what my kids and I listen to. They appreciate good music ❤️

1 year ago

Josefina Rebacca

THE BEST OF ALL " THE BEATLES " thanks my friend and god bless world

1 year ago

Robert Andrews

That rhythm n lead guitar work really well together in this song..

1 year ago

Emma Lane

I don't want to be obnoxious, but I love the Beatles and just put up a cover of this song on my channel. If anyone checks it out or any of my other stuff I would really appreciate it :)

1 year ago

Robert Maitz

forever - best group

1 year ago


Is that a time traveler on the cell phone @1:08? lol

1 year ago

Jess Stronach

At 1.09 it looks like that girl is on the phone to someone using a mobile (looks like a smart phone) whattttttttt

1 year ago

John Ortiz

Talking on the phone with you at age 14 this song was playing !

2 years ago

Conceição Pereira


2 years ago

The Youths

WE LOVE BEATLES. And we think that it can be heard in our new song, "One to Make You Smile"... Go and find out how we make you smile!!!!So, we are a band full of drive and will to make music: it is our uniting passion. It would mean world to us if you listened to our song and shared it to your friends!-The Youths

2 years ago

Marko Pietikäinen

Ladattu 9.7.2008Video Clip created by Alexandros Molfessis , for Rafael

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