The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice (Live in Japan 1991) video free download

Duration: 02:36
Uploaded: 2011/08/12

Live at Budokan in Japan Nov. 2, 1991


3 years ago


Class act. Pure entertainment which we will never see the likes of again.

4 years ago

Santiago Mesías Hoyl

didn't know google used mike's t shirt as an inspiration for chrome's logo

4 years ago


Carl smiling 2:04 

4 years ago


Celine Dion

4 years ago

Alexis Angel

If it wasnt Brian, Mike Love would be washing cars in Hawthorne.

4 years ago


Mike was important for the group. He might be an asshole but nevertheless he contributed to the band.

4 years ago

Arturo Torres

Carl looks like Paul McCartney

4 years ago


I have to say that as much as I love the Wilsons, Mike was fantastic too. Stop the hate. Listen to ALL I Wanna Do, Do It Again, and Kokomo. That's all Mike. Get used to it and feel the love. Stop hating

5 years ago

El Gil

If only.

5 years ago


i thought that Jimmy Saville until i realised it was Mike Love

5 years ago

brian ferry

it`s live shows like this that make you realize just how good these guys are at singing...

5 years ago


Wolfsky I agree both Matt and Christian should be on the 50th tour.You know I always respect your knowledge of the BB I heard all the rumors whats the real reason Carl got rid of Jeff thank you

5 years ago


I bought it from a seller on fyi.. pretty good quality DVD

5 years ago


Even BW made a video joke of it .... having CW hold his nose while BW sang as ML.

5 years ago


This was in that brief period between Jeff Foskett & Matt Jardine, when Adrian Baker took over doing the falsetto high parts. Carl had in effect fired Jeff, & Matt wasn't ready to take over such a demanding role, so for 2 years--'90--91, Adrian filled in. While he has an excellent voice, Matt was clearly --he has the genes, after all--far superior, & he gave the group a magnificent falsetto voice. I so wish Matt was on this 50th Anniv.-Tour! Wolfsky9

5 years ago

Marc Rankiel Shenny

Carl Dean Wilson

5 years ago


Nice video wonderful to watch and hear,very nice upbeat and sooo very true: Wouldn't it be nice if Carl was still alive to celebrate their 50th Anniversary!! RIP~ Carl ~ x

5 years ago


Wouldn't it be nice if Carl was still alive???

6 years ago


Who is doing falsetto?

6 years ago


My nose is less nasal than Mike Love. And less of an asshole, too.

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