Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - We The Common (For Valerie Bolden) (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 03:58
Uploaded: 2013/04/11

Director: Lauren Tabak

"We The Common (For Valerie Bolden)" is taken from Thao & The Get Down Stay Down's album 'We The Common' out now on Ribbon Music.

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2 years ago


Awesome song!!

2 years ago

Bulgarth Rushmear

thao i love you - do you love me too - lol

2 years ago

Ngoc Anh Nguyen

Ở chị toát lên hơi thở của sự tự do! Tuyệt quá.

2 years ago


What Yoko should have been.

3 years ago


love her

3 years ago

Mary Burrell

It's my outside the box song.

3 years ago



3 years ago

Fabio R. Crespi

"All they wanted was a villain, a villain And all they had was me"

3 years ago

Kivi Schwartz

Saw this chick in concert a while back. Seriously one of the best shows I have ever seen.

3 years ago

Thao Nguyen

Love her voice! Thao approved!

3 years ago

jay jones

nice voice,and sexy

3 years ago

Pop Sick Vintage

Ready for the weekend?

3 years ago

Andrew Sibley

Hey, to be honest, I had Heard your thought before, but never before Pasibley had linked then Ip to my wall

4 years ago

Karenina Wolff

omg that's Ira Glass at 1:23 I'm so jealous. And yay for Thao! I've been following her for years and I'm so happy to see that more people are getting to enjoy her music!

4 years ago

Vicki Russell

Thanks for the heads up Delores, glad I stayed put last New Years Eve Eve :D

4 years ago

bill bowen

saw her at fillmore valentines night. epic!

4 years ago

Timothy Gonsalves

A.K.A The Original Hater "speading hate one played out thing at a time". I love when talent is wasted or maybe it's just not there and these are the types of songs that come of that. Nothing better thang twangy, off rhythm, off key song of morn to cut through the chest of the music seen. Thank your gods opinion stinks like rancid meat and everyone gets food poisoning at least once in their lives, just like opinions we are aloud to have 'em. Some opinions are just a little louder, stronger, perhaps more confrontational similar to the vocals in this track. Believe me I know the song is attempting to off and is not helping. I might not enjoy this track at all and your respone, while welcomed is just another from of hate so keep hateing I know I will.

4 years ago

eduardo calizon

Female lead and banjos. What more could you want? #ThaoAndTheGetDown 

4 years ago

James Hurt

I think this was my favorite album all year ! Very inspiring !! 

4 years ago

jacob rogers

saw her play this live a few weeks ago. awesome! now here with ira glass and judge john hodgman... this is a great video!

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