System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B (MTV EMA Music Awards 2005) video free download

Duration: 04:40
Uploaded: 2010/03/20

System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B

Live at MTV EMA Music Awards 2005

Lisboa - Portugal

Pan & Scan from High Quality 4:3 Source

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2 years ago


Wow the did shit

2 years ago


Why are they playing bad on purpose? Would anyone care to explain? Anyways, I think they shouldn't have done it. If they don't respect MTV, they should still at least respect their own music.

2 years ago


Sound like me missing notes on almost every instrument in Guitar Hero World Tour...

2 years ago


I don't know them much but it really looks and sounds like they're making fun of MTV :D

2 years ago

Lukas Salas

eso es rock, tocar mal sin que te importe lo que piensa la gente, esta muy bienme gusta un monton la actitud de daron, ya que es algo que le parece raro a la gente, y es una persona únicay sé que fue hecho aproposito ya que odian a MTV, pero ME ENCANTA!!

2 years ago


It's funny how the fans still went crazy even though the performance was shit

2 years ago


Even after all the badness they did (intentionally) Serj literally made the suck my dick sound so great

2 years ago

Cholo Vazquez

At 2:20 does he say this isn't some typical punk rock?

2 years ago


LOL!!! C'est juste la guitare qui est désaccordée!! La performance est excellente sinon!

3 years ago

James Boyd

SOAD hates MTV for lyrical censorship thats why they did this performance. for me the best diss for MTV! HAHAHAHA

3 years ago

Brandon Moore

This honestly doesn't sound any sloppier than any other SOAD performance. John has pretty much always been the only member to nail his parts live.

3 years ago

Arsen Bakhtiaryan

Daron- Suck my dick .. hahahahaaa

3 years ago

Johana Puntano

Piel de gallina LOS AMO!!!

3 years ago

Bears beats

I get the this is apparently a fuck you to mtv. But lots of people watched this broadcast, and SOAD is actually really good live. Wish they would've sold themselves better. Heavy music doesn't get a chance to showcase itself on television that often. I know the band could care less about popularity and such, just saying. All that aside, the suck my dick! At the end was brilliant and I found it hilarioussssss haha

3 years ago

Christopher Morris

Fair enough playing bad on purpose, but if they dislike MTV so much, why accept the invitation to play? Much easier to just say "no, thank you". (Don't hate me, I love this band, it just seems an odd choice)

3 years ago

Soren Swanty

Hahaha my favorite band is saying fuck u mtv

3 years ago


It felt like i was playing guitar hero trying to hit the notes but missing.

3 years ago


Everyone saying they're playing bad on purpose. John Dolyman (excuse me I can't spell his last name) said on their last AMA on Reddit that they were not aware they did a poor performance here. I think this was just System Of A Down being System Of A Down. Unpredictable. 

3 years ago

Jerry Dive

I understand sticking it to MTV, at the same time, don't bite the hand that feeds ya. The fans are the ones watching, ie; this video and comments. Hope to see them again soon, even if its on "where are they now".

3 years ago

Aristos Sym

They did not play bice because they wanted to 

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