Sum 41 - Subject To Change video free download

Duration: 03:16
Uploaded: 2010/06/30

Sum 41 - Subject To Change. Chuck Year: 2004. All rights go to UMG.


2 years ago

Muli sha

Why is this song not on the EU version of Chuck ffs

2 years ago

Philipp Schmidt

The chorus is the same of underclass hero

2 years ago

Becca Hunt

Sum 41 will always be my number one favorite bands!

3 years ago

Ted Moskal


3 years ago

Zed GoKu

This song having copylight?

3 years ago

Emile S

2:03 is the ending of No reason!

3 years ago

Jan keithley Peralta

Haha!!! Nice song than the underclasshero!!

3 years ago



3 years ago


spamming the replay bouton !!!!

3 years ago

XTS Modz

best song ever

3 years ago


Underclass Hero Chorus!

3 years ago

Zack Ramsey

perfect example of how bands/songwriters sit on great songs/lyrics for years

3 years ago

Sasha Belous

That moment, when the first 40 sec of the song, more beautiful than the whole song...

3 years ago


so cool !!!!!!

3 years ago

Merijn Kriesels

the chorus is better than in underclass hero.

3 years ago


After the first line I had One Step Closer by LP in my head (how can we fake this anymore..)

3 years ago

Okupa Trece

Me encanta este tema, adoro los viejos tiempos de Sum 41, su música sonaba más enérgica, en cambio ahora los noto apagados, además que el grupo ha cambiado de integrantes. Es una pena que poco a poco se deshaga, tenía ilusión de ir a un concierto suyo y que estuvieran todos...

3 years ago

Nat Patterson

So sick!

3 years ago


"Broke Right Hand"

4 years ago

Billy Talentrs

Very interesting! underclass hero was after chuck so its weird to see this corus in this songPretty sweet!

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