St. Louis Blues - Ella Fitzgerald & Chick Webb at the Savoy Ballroom. video free download

Duration: 04:46
Uploaded: 2010/09/17

Radio Broadcast of Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Webb from the Savoy Ballroom, Harlem, NY. I beleive this recording to be from early 1939 before the decline in Chick Webbs health. Arguably one of Ella and Chick's finest works. Enjoy.


2 years ago


Ella Fitzgerald... Wow. I love this woman.

2 years ago

Sergei / Sergio Vinogradov

Imposible olvidar a Ella Fitzgerald !!! Sergey desde Rusia .Saludo a todos!

2 years ago

Francesco Ceri

little men in life,big ones for music....ok Petrucciani,but what about chick webb??

2 years ago

Slight Paunch

It's said Jo Jones threw a porkchop at Chick Webb during an argument at the Savoy. 

2 years ago

gianni reece

me doz a rezports Onthas

2 years ago


This is Chick Webb' orchestra lead by Ella Fitzgerald but this is not Chick on drums but Bill Beason !Chick Webb dead on june 16, 1939 ! This has been recorded after his death...but this is yet a good version of St Louis blues even if Bill Beason wasn't as great as Chick was..." Chick Webb had the most beautiful sound and the most incredible swing and beat you can imagine... In spite of his physical handicap, he was a giant among the drummers, nobody could beat him " told Elvin Jones and I think he was right...he inspired all the great drummers after him : Sidney Catlet, Jo Jones, Cosy Cole, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and many others... 

3 years ago


A thrilling live performance from the Savoy Ballroom!Unfortunately the great Chick Webb had gone beyond when this was recorded. In the outro the announcer says "Ella Fitzgerald who presented her orchestra", not Chick Webb's.

3 years ago


That's not Chick Webb, it's Bill Beason on the drums.

3 years ago

carlos henrique Santos

Grande canção , resumo espetacular de tudo que apaixona no Jazz Tradicional e no Blues , base da maioria das músicas do pós guerra e até hoje , desde Dana Shore até Daughter Maitland , passando por Louis , Ella e outros gênios ,que a tocaram e ou cantaram , ouçam e aproveitem

3 years ago


Chick was the real King of Swing!

3 years ago

Doolally Tap

Glorious swing. Sandy Williams rules!

3 years ago

Gilbert Moreau

Une merveilleuse version-souvenons nous de cette époque où l'on avait la pêche au Savoy Ballroom, lieu amblématique du lindy Hop -Merci à vous Chick and Ella

3 years ago

Martin Slidel

The best! :-) 

3 years ago


I appreciate the photos of the dancers -- looks like they were doing the Lindy Hop. Those young folks had energy to let, No one will ever dance like that again, not at a club dance, anyway. People are too afraid of sweating these days.

3 years ago

Dennis Hartnett

Terrible that he died so young - he was only 30 - what a magnificent talent he was - he could swing like nobody's business - I can't help but wonder what He & Ella could have accomplished together had he lived. As it is, his legacy is enormous - what great music!!!

3 years ago

Molly Harkabus

1. Ella Fitzgerald: Vocals, Chick Webb: Drums2. 12-Bar Blues3. Blues4. This is one of my favorite Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Webb Songs

3 years ago


But what's with the sign advertising Terry Gibbs Quartet. he wasn't playing in the 30s.

3 years ago

jean michel TEODORI

merveilleux,what a swing !

3 years ago

JJ truth

It always swung it whenever Chick Webb and Ella got together

4 years ago

Heinz Muggler

Warum geht's heute nicht ebenso? Musik sollte sich bewegen und nicht schlafen! Der Takt und das Tempo entsprechen so nicht dem heutigen Rentnersound für Altersturnen.

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