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Duration: 06:08
Uploaded: 2012/05/30

Lyrics to Slash's new single "Anastasia" subscribe...Iii;) High Quality



2 years ago

José Luis Reátegui

Hope you like this song.

2 years ago

Àngel Fenollar

Dat intro <3

2 years ago

C. Verol

Vamos a empezar con fuerza la jornada. Buen miércoles!

2 years ago


Unbedingt mal anhören!

2 years ago

Raven Holmes 03

You can't save me I am fading

2 years ago


the pedal tone riff thing seems pretty heavily derived from the other slash song "obsession confession"

2 years ago

marina blue

nothing like a lil slash for breakfast!!! yummy

2 years ago

Sundee Baran

This is a beautiful song, and rocking song!!!! Was just as good Live!!!!

2 years ago

Rafał Szczambura

Fajny wzorek....

2 years ago


I've put in some work on this replay button the passed few days.

2 years ago

Jose Galvez

Is the best song!!!! :D

2 years ago

Nicolas De Nos

gay who reads

2 years ago

Fanan Nusayr

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvve it

2 years ago

manuel utzinger

that intro :-D

2 years ago

Valentin Badillo

Está canción me gusta

2 years ago

Jesus Bajares

Love Myles Kennedy voice.. it really blends so great with Slash's guitar skills

2 years ago


So this song is about a person that killed someone and the best way to run away is to run to Mexico to avoid prosecution, the person has to leave everything behind including the most loved one "Anastasia"

2 years ago


Slash plays yngwie on the easy way

2 years ago


I dig this jam.and Slash sets it on fire with that last solo. The Slash/Myles/Conspirators concert that recently played on the Audience channel of DirecTV was smokin to. Myles is a good frontman and all that, but he can't fuck with Axl, not even a little bit. Shame that Rose, at least from my viewpoint, allowed his pretentiousness and butt-hurt to split up GnR. .

3 years ago

miqueas yennerich

hermoso tema que me recomendaron en un viaje en buss!!

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