Slash - Anastasia (guitar cover HD) video free download

Duration: 06:11
Uploaded: 2013/12/31




This is my cover of an incredible song by Slash called Anastasia. I used a backing track in this cover so the original guitar sound is cut off. This song was actually quite difficult for me to learn (especially the long solo) but I tried hard and put all my heart into this cover. I feel nervous and really hope you like it. Thanks for watching.

By the way, Happy New 2014 Year! :)


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2 years ago

Jovair lourenço

I love to watch you play Marina !!! happiness !!!

2 years ago

Cesar Sanchez

2 years ago

Leandro Phellipe

Garota você toca pra caralho, seu talento é inimaginável, quando olhamos pro seu rosto achamos de primeiro momento que você leva apenas alguns solos, mas, ao escutar o som da sua guitarra podemos afirmar em próprio punho que a senhorita toca pra caralho...

2 years ago

Natalia Siilva


2 years ago

brendan irish

Wow, just wow! Excellent cover.

2 years ago


have you ever seen slash live, because you absolutely own this song ;)

2 years ago

Aji Bandowo

so.cute. (^_^) **..***...'**

2 years ago

Henrique Teixeira

Why using a costum guitar from Zacky of A7X, and play this tipe of songs? o.o But amazing cover thou!

2 years ago


bellissima e bravissima!!!

2 years ago


I just fell in love. Thank you for making my day *.*

2 years ago

kiman music

I love that guitar. There's not a single guitar that looks exactly like that one, since it's made of a broken mirror and mirrors don't naturally brake the same way twice.

2 years ago


Umm, clearly fake. 1:00 Why would you want to mislead all these peolpe?

2 years ago


Wooooow :D

2 years ago

tommy djibril


2 years ago

Pascal Sedelky

Du bist wunderschön und kannst großartig gitarre spielen. was will man mehr

2 years ago

Sarkady .Gameplays

U are a godness!!! :O what is ur guitar Type?

2 years ago

Bob Ayers

Very nice job + cute = Good Future !

2 years ago

Cinta cinta

you are so ROCK!!!!!... yeah!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago

David Babayan


2 years ago

Collin Hunt

0:38 to 1:03 sounds familiar.

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