Shania Twain - Coat Of Many Colors (Lyric) video free download

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Uploaded: 2007/08/31

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Shania Twain - Coat Of Many Colors

(Live At Kennedy Center Honors 2006.12.26)


2 years ago


Who would cheat on this beautiful woman????

3 years ago

Mustapha Ait Amnay Bouga

2005 Atlanta Journal-Constitution ranked Coat of Many Colors number 10 of 100 Songs of the South. 1996 children's picture book by Harpercollins Children's Books. JapAneSe LyriCs. SuPerLAtive ShAniA TwAin <3HAppy mOthErs anD GrAnDmOthErs AnD GRAnD GRAnDmOthErs DAy. Coat of Many Colors" is a song by Dolly Parton, She has described as her favorite of the songs she has written. 1971 U.S. country Charts #4She explained in her 1994 memoires, My Life and Other Unfinished Business, because she could find no paper, as the song came to her, she wrote it on the back of a dry cleaning receipt from Porter Wagoner's suits. 

3 years ago

Cherie Collins

Shania doesn't use autotune and she doesn't need it. Her voice is perfection and she wouldn't sing if she couldn't use her voice!

3 years ago


She sang it beautifully. Her voice is lovely and natural. Alison is also amazing. Bravo! Fitting tribute to Dolly.

3 years ago

Dany Argento

Dolly Parton será la reina del country,pero Shania es la DIOSA del country,eternamente la número 1,Shania Twain!Y la más bella de todas.

3 years ago

maggie bristol

Uckascuse me?!!! What is Alison Krause doing in the background?!!

3 years ago


晚點名~~~ 晚安 ! 我的朋友們 . 今晚分享的這首歌曲(五顏六色的外套)是由 仙妮亞唐恩 所自彈自唱的溫暖歌曲 . 描寫媽媽的愛與人窮志不窮的故事。聽完後趕快撥通電話給我阿母 . 【聊聊天】 

3 years ago

James Kingsmill

Autotune really? 

3 years ago

Ryan Hammond

Just to give some context, this is Shania's favorite song. She does it justice.

3 years ago

romulo tristao

Bela canção cantada por quem sabe e tem voz.

3 years ago


what a great song and great honor she must have felt singing Dollys song

3 years ago

John G

@moreugetdugh.....egh..I saw Dolly smile and whisper so PROUDLY. ..I DONT mean to chastise u but ehhhh do you kniw how the music business works? Did you ever think they took out 2 verses knowingly as TIME WAS SHORT? ALISON & UNION surely knew...did u know Dolly is Shania's childhood idol? Nobody liked MUTT LANGE from the day he set foot in NASHVILLE.

3 years ago

Diego Alderete

This is a wonderful song. It's full of love. I particularly think the most important in this story isnt what child feels unless the important part that mothers play in our life. How much love they give you only to see us happy. Thare's nothing a mother cannot do for her child. They give us everything

3 years ago

Perry Belcher

Damn she sounds like T-Pain

4 years ago


+MoReuGettDa Are you saying that all children should ,blindly ,ape their parent's .What a sad world that would be .Just think no Jerry Lee or Elvis .

4 years ago

RICHARD maaske

She can sing any song. And it sounds wonderful.

4 years ago

Geert Van Beek

Merle haggard sing me back home

4 years ago

Tim Warneck

This must have been such a rare appearance, seeing as Shania stopped performing live in 2004, and this was in December 2006...

4 years ago


Disappointed that Shania left out so much of the song. Pretty sure I saw an odd look on Dolly's face when she realized Shania wasn't singing the whole song.

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