Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind Lyrics video free download

Duration: 04:06
Uploaded: 2011/12/08

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Sean Paul Preforming " She Doesn't Mind "

Lyrics ON SCREEN!!

Thank you


2 years ago

Amirah Amin

Like this song

2 years ago

the crazy dog

I will listen to this song all day

2 years ago

Mehmet Turunc

Ich lıebe das lıet 

2 years ago

Peter Jacko

super geil .... 

2 years ago

Laura Renken

Du hast ja wohl die keile stimme du bist so süß hab dich lieb

2 years ago

Adhish Lokhande

yeah you are rigth

2 years ago

Farina W.

Those are some ugly sunglasses!

2 years ago

HeyItsPaula x


2 years ago

Butayna fertil

i love this song 

2 years ago

rida mahzem

i've heard this song like 3 years ago and didnt know the name of it until now .-.

2 years ago

owen tester

He has such a white person name

2 years ago


She probably minds but is to nice to say anything... Just saying 0_0 lol

2 years ago

Elena Martinez Arroyo

wow k recuerdos xDxD

2 years ago

Katherine Barral

Am I the only one who knows exactly what hes saying because I know this language? -3- Just listen to what hes saying. They have obviously typed it on what he sounds like, not what he says. Good song doe, Luv it ^-^

2 years ago

Teo Gamer

1:05 SHE DON'T???? OMG

2 years ago

patii inayah

He da best

2 years ago

Khalat Amini

ich liebe dich

2 years ago

D7 SyneX

Now i now what he is singing : Sean Paul(ish) Love that song :D Old but Gold

2 years ago

Soùàd SP

#COooOOoolL <3 *-*

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