Scorpions - Wild Child - Pure Instinct video free download

Duration: 04:18
Uploaded: 2009/08/24


2 years ago


Song sounds like it belongs on Love At First Sting.Bad Fucking Ass

3 years ago

Михаил бакшеев

fuckin amazing!!!!

3 years ago

lola loal

i love this album sooooooo amazing 

3 years ago

aire arias

polvora theme song cmll

4 years ago

jonathan naveau

great song

4 years ago

michele prosapio

ke bella, la storia

4 years ago


Amazing song from a pretty average álbum.

4 years ago


This is the first song I ever learned to play on guitar, not Smoke on the water, not Breaking the law, but the god damn WILD CHILD! :D

4 years ago

Soul Hudson

Such a good song, it makes me so horny xDD

4 years ago


Love it!

5 years ago


Herman is the best drummer of scorpions , Does not matter if kottak has better skills than Herman, Herman rules the game!! of course Kottak rocks!! Oops Kottak did not play here!!!!!!

5 years ago


Great Pipes!

5 years ago

luca virgilio

the best song of the best band of the world

5 years ago

marik lunkasu

ascult la nesfirsit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago


Go ahed and copy my name asshole.

5 years ago



5 years ago


For me, too! :)))

6 years ago

John vit

Greece loves you scorpions

6 years ago

Panos Georgiadis

Greetings from Greece! Heil Scorpions!

6 years ago


Gotta love it, listened it first time when i was 4 or something like it, woke up this morning remembering this albums frontside picture and had to lissen it again..Thanks o/

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