Scorpions - Still Loving You (Wacken 2012 LIVE) video free download

Duration: 06:05
Uploaded: 2012/08/05

Wacken Open Air, 4 august 2012.


2 years ago

Igor Zykov

изрядно постарели, упростили. но для 65 лет - супер

3 years ago

Fabio Borghini

Sto ancora amandoti... il tuo orgoglio ha creato una barriera insormontabile, quella stessa che ti impedirà di amare.... E' un grido questa canzone a tutti quelli che continuano a credere nell'amore.. l'amore cura qualunque cosa....

3 years ago

Ambor Holm


3 years ago

Waheed Aboy

nice vokal

3 years ago


What a soulles crowd..

3 years ago

martin go

it never grows old!! damn! 

3 years ago

milton giraldo rodas

que grupos.... una voz que nunca muere entre mas tiempo mas MELODIOSA

3 years ago


I know it was raining but these kids these days are just LAME! Look at them compared to the 80's live video's of this song.... We had fun back then. Kids these days are just like sticks in the mud.. LAME! 

3 years ago

Juvika Eddora

oh wow, he still got the iconic voice, Scorpions hands down! 

3 years ago

Joseph Eckert

I think that's gotta be the lamest crowd I have EVER seen. Standing around like a bunch of zombies. Idiots...

3 years ago

Алигатор Води

The time allow

3 years ago

pekelira lira

3 years ago

Sonya Danilina

Да уж... Стареет Клаус, стареет... Но для 65-летнего человека очень даже ничего

3 years ago


1:27 that girl is hot

3 years ago


How many other 70s & 80s front men have completely shot their ranges? And he's still kickin' it out with precision, tone, sustained notes, style, power, & beauty ... amazing.

3 years ago

Jim-Bert Amante

OH MY GOD...that voice...just like listening to their studio version :D

3 years ago

ACxat Myrzabekov

романченко круче

3 years ago

Pero Survivor

Gods :)

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