Scorpions - No One Like You (Comeblack 2011) video free download

Duration: 04:07
Uploaded: 2011/11/04


2 years ago


Other than the vocals this version is better, and the guitar is beefier sounding.

3 years ago

Afiza Hj Basri

eemm...nice..better than original...

3 years ago

Alexe Ana-Maria

I love this band!! :) My favourite 

3 years ago

royce kaye

I love life too much not to be proud my love for you makes me want to shout it out loud

3 years ago

Danny Schwartz

so... what are the complaints here? THIS IS AWESOME!!!

3 years ago

Prince Ark-Angel

+Cherry Dian 

3 years ago


Sweaty sex music

4 years ago


Fucking horrible mixing

4 years ago


that intro changed my life !

4 years ago

Ritva Ronkanen

<3 <3 <3

4 years ago


who needs energy drink with a song like thisssss

4 years ago

Adella Barahona

hmm fucking bored, I'm a thousand miles away in my mind, from where I'm at right now -______-

4 years ago

Eli Cleves

I love this song, there's nothing like it.

5 years ago

Sandr Branicka

best song !!

5 years ago

Soul Hudson

One of the emperors of rock \m/ '.' \m/

5 years ago



5 years ago

Alberto Rodríguez

En malos momentos, es bueno escuchar lo que te trae buenas vibraciones, que decían en los 90....

5 years ago

ryan parks

i love no one like you by scorpiens it is fricken awsome

5 years ago


Saw these guys in LA last year. Easily my top 10 concerts iv ever been to and iv been to ALOT.

5 years ago


FOREVER ALONE...shame on you dickbreath

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