scorpions - He's a Woman She's a Man video free download

Duration: 03:18
Uploaded: 2007/03/11


2 years ago

Gabriel Barbosa

Kkkkk relembraram os velhos tempos

3 years ago

Sonya Danilina

Мне кажется, или по сравнению с 1978 музыкальное сопровождение стало лучше, а вокал, наоборот, хуже?P.S. Наверняка, никто не понял, что я написала :-D

3 years ago

Adham Nour

You still rock guys

4 years ago

Aleksandr Kit

Круто! Такие Скорпы мне нравятся!

4 years ago

Guitar Heave n

It's just like "Alien Nation" - METAL, not hard rock! And still so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years ago

Tony Tavares

+Déh fernandes 

4 years ago


bruce dickinson still rocks

4 years ago

Juan Perez

Lucky Athens.

4 years ago

Lisa Mueller

They are all still AWESOME and will forever be. and if you don't agree with me then YOU ARE JUST A PIECE OF SHIT WHO DOESN'T HAVE A TASTE IN MUSIC AND ROCK'N ROLL.

5 years ago


ian gillan voice RIP too

5 years ago

Jorge Rocha

Super!!!! Fantastic song and perfomance!scorpions forever

5 years ago



5 years ago

alex bass

yperoxoo!!!! monadiko live...

5 years ago


This band is super, from 36 years old playing music ! I love all her song,Scorpions forever

5 years ago


He`s a Woman, The Riot of your Time, Top of the Bill , Catch your Train, Fly to the Rainbow , Robot Man , Speedys Coming ....Why don`t they play these songs these days in San Diego ?

5 years ago


What a fantastic song! :)))

6 years ago

Heavy Metal 80-90

Scorpions - He's a Woman She's a Man (1977) en live à Athènes, en 2005 !

6 years ago


what's that one 70s-80s song that goes: (hey hey hey hey) he is a wo-mon *do do do do do* he is a wo-mon *do do do do do*he is a wo-mon thanks

6 years ago


@geoklaus00 Meine had serious voice problems in the 80ties and had to do some therapy and refix his voice. As we can hear, it helped him to have a good voice for many more years.

6 years ago


Scorpion re mounia!!\m/-_-\m/

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