Say Something - Gianni and Sarah of Walk off the Earth video free download

Duration: 03:44
Uploaded: 2014/01/27

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Gianni and Sarah of Walk off the Earth team up with their clones to pay tribute to A Great Big World's smash hit "Say Something".


May 6 - Toronto, ON - ‪

May 13 - Boston, MA - ‪

May 14 - Philadelphia, PA - ‪

May 16 - Washington, DC - ‪

May 17 - New York, NY - ‪

May 18 - Detroit, MI - ‪

May 19 - Chicago, IL - ‪

May 20 - Minneapolis, MN ‪

May 23 - Boulder, CO ‪

May 24 - Denver, CO ‪

May 26 - Salt Lake City, UT

May 29 - Vancouver, BC -

May 30 - Seattle, WA ‪

June 2 - Los Angeles, CA ‪

June 3 - San Diego, CA ‪

June 4 - San Francisco, CA ‪

June 6 – Portland, OR

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Hey guys,

Sarah and I made this video over the Christmas holidays. It's the only time we have to hook up with our clones. We hope you enjoy it.

See you guys on the road. Thanks you so much for your support. Please share this video if you enjoyed it.

Special thanks to:

Erin Blackwood

Ian Blackwood

Shameless James

Theresa D

For helping us shoot this.

WOTE likes:

Kala Ukulele's, Yamaha Drums, Cole Clark Guitars, Sennheiser Microphones, D'ddario Strings,

Ribbecke Guitars, 1964 Ears and Artist Relations! They also rock Doc Martens.


2 years ago

Ahmad Nabil

This is amazing

2 years ago

Dom McClain

Pentatonix or Walk off the Earth? I like both

2 years ago

Shontelle R

My dad asked me to perform this as a duet at my family kareoke event this summer.. I wish there was a kareoke video of THIS version. It would be such an amazing honor to perform this with my daddy.

2 years ago

laura aymar

Beautiful and sad. This song almost made me cry. It touched my heart in a way I didn't believe was possible. I played memories in my head and that's all I can say. 

2 years ago

Zoe Skydaughter

I LOVE YOU SOOO MUTCH!!!! Please come to Poland!!!

2 years ago

Raimonds Stutans

In my mind , better how original

2 years ago


Our first wedding dance with my wife ! :)

2 years ago

Eiric Pádraig

Again with the needing to buy this track...!

2 years ago


I thought this song could not get any better. I stand corrected. Leaps and bounds better than the original. It actually gave me goose bumps. Love how you guys pour your heart into the music. 

2 years ago

Cameron Norris

Please come to Cleveland, OH! A lot of my friends love you! My mom loves you guys!

2 years ago

maggie flores

just when i think I've found my favorite WOTE video, I find another. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

2 years ago

Mick Clarke

will you guys do tours to Australia?

2 years ago

Katherine Elizabeth

HOW DID THEY DO THIS. its amazing <3

2 years ago

Hervé Pilot


2 years ago

Kylie Giles

Wow that was so amazing I want to sing like that 

3 years ago

T Kent

So I heard the original song on the radio the other day. I tried to sing along. It didn't work. This version has a different timing to it. And this version is by far the better one.

3 years ago

Patricia Oliveira


3 years ago

Lisa Emert

Hello! Please hit the "LIKE" button and share this vid if you enjoyed it!Thx

3 years ago

Mackenzie Harmer

Love ur music its the best ; 0

3 years ago

Pip Magpot

With each time you all just get better and better. Absolutely superb all the time