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Uploaded: 2011/03/26

Saccharine Trust is a post-hardcore band from California that was started in 1980 by singer Jack Brewer and guitarist Joe Baiza. The band would frequently perform with SST labelmates Minutemen and Black Flag. Drummer Rob Holzman appeared on their 1981 debut Paganicons but left the band to play in Slovenly, replaced by drummer Tony Cicero. After a ten year hiatus, the band is back together and performing around the West Coast. In his journals, Kurt Cobain considered Paganicons to be one of his Top 50 favorite albums.

1."I Have..."

2."Community Lie"

3."Effort to Waste"

4."Mad at the Co."

5."I am Right"

6."We Don't Need Freedom"

7."Success and Failure"

8."A Human Certainty"


4 years ago


Love the opening guitar intro! Beautiful cacophony!

5 years ago


They're in concert at Echo in Los Angeles tomorrow night (Jan. 6). Be there or not.

5 years ago


just wonderful.

5 years ago


this album is classic... timeless... under appreciated by those old enough and completely unknown to those too young... "failure and success" and "effort to waste" are two other amazing tracks from this brilliant record. "VMW" (Virgin Mega Whore) is an electronic band that is channeling the ST sound heavily... search youtube for "suck it and see" and tell me they don't sound a LOT like Saccharine Trust...

5 years ago

Ozzy Skateboard

coffee meditation overdose´╗┐

5 years ago


maybe the best sst album after double nickels, flip your wig, and first four years?

5 years ago


*awesome album cover

5 years ago


bizarre album cover

6 years ago


@WandaLousideBaton Check out "Surviving you, always..." on my channel. I love both albums equally.

6 years ago

Jon Sheffield

love it too.. i think it gets pulled down every so often.. so glad it continues to be heard from different folks...

6 years ago


@bettyx1138 Correct that.. 2 likes :) this is my favorite hardcore punk rock album.

6 years ago


how can this have only 118 views and 1 like?

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