S Club 7 - You're My Number One [OFFICIAL VIDEO] video free download

Duration: 03:24
Uploaded: 2012/12/11

Released as the third (last) single from the album "S Club".

Original: http://vimeo.com/19801944

(C) 1999 Polydor/Interscope


2 years ago


I love sclub7 and this is an awesome song with a decade later. xD I support Jo 100% because she's a very amazing woman who needs a hug. I won't even say anything about that female dog who's name ends in "Goody" she should NOT have been ON Big Brother. Goody was the one who started everything and got Jo to play along. JO O'MEARA IS INNOCENT! SHE DID NOTHING WRONG! I KNOW SHE APOLOGISED TO SHILPA AFTER WHAT HAPPENED!

3 years ago

Doyal Meadows

I love this song! This is one my absolute favorite S Club tunes. I actually developed a crush on Jo after seein' this and their show 'In Miami', but soon I developed a crush on both her and Rachel. While, no hard feelings to any of ya'll, I do like Hannah and Tina. But I liked Jo and Rachel more! And I love this vid too, it's good to see it again!

3 years ago

Abelfmcca flores

the wonderful times!!!

3 years ago

Teresa Eakins

To stephen for you

3 years ago

Andrew Garcia

I love this song.

3 years ago


Can't wait for their reunion

3 years ago

Profesor Mistico

2:40 Those eyes!

3 years ago

Herbert Ho

I'm using this for my jazz dance piece btw I'm using my dads computer

3 years ago


Sounds like christmas music.

3 years ago

eden morales

tina and those eye shadow colors. hahaha! it wont look good on HDTV. lol. i still love her though :)

3 years ago

nataly vega

I support the team of women because men are less singing success that led to S club 7 is because women use men only so apollo Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Tina Barrett or O'Meara and .

3 years ago


Wow, they look so young... I miss the good ol days... takes back to being 12, lol

3 years ago

chelsie edwards

miss being a kid!.... That cameraman though! hahaha

3 years ago



4 years ago

Mike Smith

This video always reminded me of a Target commercial. Still, love the clothes, I would rock that blue shirt so hard if I could find one! ;)

4 years ago


Awwh Nostalgia! Why can't music videos be like this today!! (okay maybe a slightly less feminine dance for the poor boys to do) but still! Everything is so oversexualised, just the girls rolling around half naked! And it was SOO much fun learning these dances! I miss the 90's/00's!!

4 years ago

Diana V. Miranda

oh god! I loved Tina so much, she was my role model :') 

4 years ago


Amazing video and song, but worst cameraman ever.

4 years ago

John J


4 years ago

Cristina Campos

Tina's make-up (and hair)...gosh, that close-up should never exist. Still love them.

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