S Club 7 - You [OFFICIAL VIDEO] video free download

Duration: 03:53
Uploaded: 2013/01/02

Released as the last single from the album "Sunshine".

Original: http://vimeo.com/24804979

(c) 2002 Polydor


2 years ago

jetnight 88

Jo I'll cut the bitch.

2 years ago

Scott Baker

Shouldn't original mean unaltered? 

2 years ago

Philip Davis

such a feel good song

3 years ago

Tamara Wren


3 years ago

alanjude jordan

Sorry hanna is my type.XoX:-)

3 years ago

Ross Gates

aaawh!! fucking love this soooo much omfg. ESPESH when Bradley and Rachel sing that little bit together omg it is BANGINGGGGGGGG x

3 years ago

sam ba

Finally found this song

3 years ago

Karen Elliott

shame about the high pitch sound what happened?lolz

3 years ago

R Wright

I brought one of these homes. Sadly, the market crashed and now it's worth precisely 1% hat I originally spent on it. Any offers? :(

3 years ago

Wada Ayaka

omg everything so shinning

3 years ago


Rachel Stevens can p*ss over my face anytime

3 years ago

Lina Qassab

I've been looking for this video for years !! reminds me of the good old days :D

3 years ago

Checho Chicata

Jo is like THE bitch XD

3 years ago


I notice that the pitch is a lot higher than usual. I love this music video. Goes great with the song, Or rather the song goes great with the video. Either way, they're both great!! I also very much love Hannah's little dance in the beginning too :) 

3 years ago


S Club 7 sure gave us all a good time. I still remember watching this being played on MTV all the time when I was in Primary school. In my opinion, the clips in this video are what we 90's kids see as our future. With all the technology and the "flying" part. Haha ... Those were some good times. S Club 7 forever in my heart.

3 years ago


that is not how they sound

4 years ago

Drew B

Hands down their best video.

4 years ago


WOW love this song ! 2 30 is defo the best part of the song by far ! 

4 years ago


My high school memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/12/29 almost 2014~still listerning this!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years ago

Mark se

Yes laser and jo was so ugly lol

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