S club 7 - Summer Time Feeling video free download

Duration: 03:01
Uploaded: 2006/05/06

From Hollywood 7 - Episode 6


2 years ago


Haha there's a comment from me on this exact video... from 4 years ago!!! Saying how much I miss them. NOW I'M ACTUALLY SEEING THEM IN CONCERT TOMORROW AHHHHHHH! :)

3 years ago


Thank you

3 years ago

Jay G

I got that summertime feeling... :)

4 years ago

Luca G

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

4 years ago

Jenny Monroe

my childhood!

4 years ago

Eric James

I always loved Paul's voice. He needed to sing lead more often.

4 years ago

Antionette Brown

Miss you s club..... Good times

4 years ago


Yes. And also the same beach where S Club filmed their "Natural" video - it's Malibu Beach in California! It's been in quite a few other videos as well - most recently it was used for One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful".

5 years ago

Vonny Erich

I'm here for "hah hah ooh yeah".

5 years ago


that slut sure was ugly

5 years ago


Fucking love this song reminds me of the good old days back at school chilling with my mates miss those days

5 years ago

Cinema Film Brothers

is this the same beach on all the small things?!

5 years ago


That tune; It's Fleetwood Mac!!!

5 years ago

Kanaan B

The chords were copied from fleetwood mac - everywhere :)

5 years ago

Mari MRodri

i love paul, and i miss s club 7 so much

5 years ago

suzie xo

this is my fucking jam

5 years ago

Leroy Wilson


5 years ago

Sharna Kelly-Ebsworth

S club 7 are back they are touring in Australia now. Yeww

5 years ago

Robert White

It's okay dude, don't get downed by this ungrateful tit. XD I appreciated your comment and it helped me.

5 years ago

Lontoc Zia

i enjoy listening to this so much. this is always my summer soundtrack

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