S Club 7 - Show Me Your Colours (Rachel Stevens) video free download

Duration: 03:08
Uploaded: 2007/08/25

Performance of the song 'Show Me Your Colours' at Watchdog


2 years ago

Nessa howard

Me too, I miss them soo much. I love this song more then people know. Lol´╗┐

4 years ago

AJ shaw

hey zouzounette33 that's my girl your talking about bug off

5 years ago

Juan De Leon

rachel sings like a prostitute you silly gay dick.

6 years ago


Are they lip syncing lol? I adore them....but come on guys. Never noticed before.

7 years ago

Kelly Murphy

i thought watch dog was a programme about crime? so why are s club performing on it? confused.com

7 years ago


HAhaha for me there standing arrangements seems like couples are standing together these song so perfectly suited on them I mean jst see... front row Jon - Rachel Bradley - Jo Back row Paul - Hannah only tina left alone:( i'll put imaginary guy over there) But it seems so perfect

7 years ago

Catlin isiklikult

i miss s club 7!!!!!

7 years ago


Me encanta esta cancion, la escucho cada dia!!!

8 years ago


me and my sisters used to watch this show all the time when i was rly little. it was so good. i miss it. lol

8 years ago

Jeffrey (Youtube)

tina in the back yet again for another performance where there is alot of choreography and she was one of the better dancers in the group...

9 years ago


rachel is hot.

9 years ago


Rachel is lovely,sings like an angel and did I say she was stuning?! She is sooooo gorgeous!!!<3

9 years ago


Jo is seriously the best singer between all of them, in MY list xD

9 years ago

Paula A.

I miss 'em SO MUCH! looove this song

9 years ago


i love rachel

10 years ago


i think they are the sme as ont he cd but i dont think they were lipsinging its probably the music been pre-recorded and put over the top that may b why the song and thier lips r a bit off

10 years ago

Caitlin Dellar

i agree but honestly jo's voice kinda gets annoying to me after a while for some reason but i still love her and the group. I like rachels singing more but mostly because its kinda softer and thats probably why jo got the leads b/c her voice is so strong

10 years ago

Caitlin Dellar

i think they were-nothing against them i know they can see but its too clear to be live and if you listen to them live at the concert and here they don't sound the same

10 years ago


i love them a lot, but this sounds exactly like it did on their Cd. i wonder if they were lipsyncing.

10 years ago


dance movements are absolutely in sync with the beat and perfect for the mood they set. i love jo's voice but maybe that's mainly cause she gets the most vocals. rachel is perfect too in my books.

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