S Club 7 - Natural (SMTV Live) 2000 video free download

Duration: 02:53
Uploaded: 2013/06/16

S Club 7 - Natural (SMTV Live) 2000

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2 years ago


I find it funny how Bradley always tried to make Jo laugh during "Natural" when he gets all up in her space during the "lay your head next to mine" part.

3 years ago

Daryll Corbett

Rachel Is Soooo Sexy in this video,

3 years ago

BadR R

The fan was too windy lol her hair looked like she's facing a tornado 

3 years ago

Drew B

I'll never understand why Rachel only got one solo song an album. She was by far the most popular in the group. Jo was clearly the best singer but even Michael Jordan passed the ball several times a game.

4 years ago


This almost looks like it's been sped up the routine is so fast!

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