S Club 7 - Love Train (Good Quality) video free download

Duration: 03:08
Uploaded: 2009/04/04

This is the closest thing i could find to a music video. Although there is another 1 out there, it was incomplete, so i made this one, which includes most of the song. From L.A. 7 episode 2.

If you wanna see the full episode, type: "L.A. 7 2.02" in search bar (the video is not provided by me)

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3 years ago

Drew B

I can't get over how fucking epic Paul is in this video. 

4 years ago

jorge israel

Stop right now thank you vertical much.

4 years ago



5 years ago

Bert Anka Smith

The music in this generation is better because S club 7 is DEAD longer than my gran lol

5 years ago

Serena Bailey

I feel sorry for this generation not having classic bands like S club 7!

5 years ago


oh Paul <3

5 years ago


"till I reach my baby in the tunnel of love" I've ALWAYS thought it was a very, very suggestive line, lol

5 years ago


I was inlove with Paul <3

5 years ago


can this be loaded off itunes or spotify

5 years ago

Emily Malcolm

What happened to paul

5 years ago

Alex Deidreama

All i see in this video is older kids ruining the painting s of small children xD

5 years ago


I'm 17, barely knew the show, but ive seen every episode and music vid. And now i think to myself; "What happened???"

5 years ago


nowadays music is crap when you listen to this

5 years ago

Amy Dyson

so excited to see s club tomorrow night! i hope paul sings this song!

5 years ago


these were the days....

5 years ago


i used to love this song just cause paul sang <3

6 years ago


well they are reuniting so you will be having a nostalgia moment

6 years ago


drowning in tears of nostalgia! :') when the heck did I become an adult, man? I want to be 12 again! haha

6 years ago


@marina1991x oh my god he was i wish there were more guys like him

6 years ago

hannah s

Hannah ist und bleibt die aller beste.vermisse hannah sehr.sie hat eine niedliche stimme.und ist so liebenswert.daher ist und bleibt sie die nummer 1.

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