S Club 7 - Don't Stop Movin' video free download

Duration: 04:01
Uploaded: 2014/11/04

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Music video by S Club 7 performing Don't Stop Movin'. (C) 2001 S Club Ltd.


2 years ago


Absolutely loved them as a kid, knew all their names and all the words to their songs XD

2 years ago

Kevin Russell

Did you see the final performance at Queen Elizabeth Jubilee in 2002? They still had it right to the end. Amazing group.

2 years ago

Camilo Gómez

This song has a sample of "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson.

2 years ago


I just watched SEEING DOUBLE in French version finally!!! Actually they recorded the voices on it three years ago lol but I didn't know there was a French version. ( I'm French by the way).. Anyway the movie is great ;)

2 years ago

madhiya zaman

good memories music was good back then. i was in primary school when this came out. good times

2 years ago



2 years ago

Martha Cassanova

I Love this song!

2 years ago


It's surprising to know, it sampled the bassline from Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"

2 years ago

Eleanor Ross

We sang this song at our singing assembly today, I hadn't heard it in such a long time!

2 years ago

Craig Neal


2 years ago

Khawulani Majola

S club 7 is rocking 

2 years ago


Does anyone remember their TV show?I used to run from school to watch it...

2 years ago

Jack Mehoff

whos listening to this song in 2015 hahaha

2 years ago

David Zlobický

Omg is it weird that I still remember all the lyrics?! I was one crazy fanatic! Hannah drove me big craayyy

2 years ago


Couldn't stand S Club, but I loved this song.

2 years ago

william gibbins

OMG I WENT TO THE 02 in London and went to see them YEY childhood memories

2 years ago

Asten Clarke

Jon's hair though. I mean...

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