S Club 7 - Bring It All Back (K-Klass Club Mix) [Edit] video free download

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Uploaded: 2014/08/23


Bring It All Back (K-Klass Club Mix) [Edit]

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3 years ago


I requested this song for my school dance. The majority of people were just like wat... Then there's just me and my friends jamming in the middle of the gym. We danced like no one was watching, but they were watching, and we looked like twats.

3 years ago

Larry Stylinson

I'm here because of Phil and Dan what the hell omg 

3 years ago


This is slikkkk. From 2015

3 years ago

Sejin Kim

cheesey..... nice to hear : )

3 years ago

shazlfc ronaldo

This was the best back in the day so many memories 

3 years ago

stephen smart

i used to watch this show and loved it. lots liked rachael but i thought jo was better and she reminded me of agnetha from abba.

3 years ago

Jack ジ

So badddd but so funny

3 years ago

Katerina Kucerova


3 years ago

Kyle Sedgwick

Awesome dancing 

3 years ago

hellokitty kiitt

Lol wut...

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