Road To Nowhere - The Roches video free download

Duration: 04:48
Uploaded: 2007/07/28

2006 Philadelphia Folk Festival


4 years ago

Malcolm Nicoll

Love the Roches. Thanks for posting.

7 years ago


Oh my goodness. I love songwriters and these ones in particular.

9 years ago


thank god we never get to see that side of all our favorite performers. imagine what our friends would think of us if they really saw us in the privacy of our homes. lol

10 years ago


I saw them in Austin and would have enjoyed them. Unfortunately, I had friends who helped with the show and saw them out of public view. If anything was not just right (including soft instead of hard cookies backstage) they unleashed screaming, filthy harangues on the promoter. Then they screamed at each other. The sweet stage personas mask angry, vengeful women who can't even stand each other. Sad.

10 years ago


That's a wonderful song.

10 years ago


Thank you my friend! We are off to the 2007 Philadelphia Folk Festival!!

10 years ago


ciao my friend! another great video.

10 years ago


Great song and harmony,great fun,and awesome performance.5*****

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