RITA ORA - Poison video free download

Duration: 04:54
Uploaded: 2015/06/03

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2 years ago

Devante Bailey

Yep I'm Officially a Rita Ora fan! I live in the US & I LOVE THIS SONG!

2 years ago


Why is this in a lamb of god playlist xD

2 years ago

Tia Jade Wilks-Bernard

Who did u pick to be your poison then?

2 years ago

george syriopoulos

Wow i love it

2 years ago


I love it ! awesome song ;)

2 years ago


Another Madonna protégée. And she sucks.

2 years ago

Dicky Prayuda

What da meaning of that video ??

2 years ago


Am I the only one who think Rita Ora has almost the same clothes as Ellie Goulding at the end? (From Calvin Harris: Outside)

2 years ago


El fotografo ........Ummmmmmm !! *_* 

2 years ago


I like how Rita takes her glasses off at 1:05 and then at 1:08...

2 years ago

Mariela Torres

you have nice boobs. happy now?

2 years ago

Emanuel Alvez

Amo a Rita Ora e essa musica e perfeita amo ela muito amo amo amo e inspiradora

2 years ago

Ian Cahigu

Best Video from 2015 so far I believe. Think she makes a better looking Rihanna she's younger, feisty and sings from her heart 

2 years ago

gemma moloney

What is the brown haired guys name?

2 years ago

Sam Irodenko

Easily the best song out ATM regardless of the chart position! 

2 years ago

Val. Bertolino

Rita Ora - Poison (Video Oficial)

2 years ago

Adriana Bertolino

Rita Ora - Poison (Video Oficial)

2 years ago

Andrew Hawthorne

Love this video

2 years ago

The youtuber Bajraktari

Rita Ora you are my idol zemera jeme❤️

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