Rich Gang - Lifestyle ft. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan video free download

Duration: 04:24
Uploaded: 2014/06/30

Rich Gang feat. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan - Lifestyle


1 year ago

Hasan Gürel

sdhshshdhshdadasgdasdjashdasgdhashagdgad Lifestylee...

1 year ago


Damn. This shuts already a year old. How much yall made since this came out? OH exactly. Lol fuck boys......

1 year ago


0:33Emme lemme lumma lumma bagutta dissunga bagaaanaaaaah

1 year ago

terrence grim

I never really realized how smooth the beat was. Shit fye

1 year ago


My IQ dropped after hearing this.

1 year ago

jlast hena

You can't deny this is actually a good song

1 year ago

mariano cazares

young fag sounds like a fucking fag. cant believe people listen to his shit

1 year ago

Hatt y

don't worry everybody ima idiot and I speak his language. he cleary said im jewnfvckewjnfvjndewmnfvijwndfimnvijnwefivnijnfe lifestyle

1 year ago

Da Tube

Young Thug's music sounds like ear dyslexia.

1 year ago


lil lie lie la lag er balhh beggining valcan nirea fieve ohn viza cerd omg this is funny you earn a like for this language

1 year ago

Davd Kesbar

holy fuck no wonder white kids go on rampages.

1 year ago

killuminati youMad?

all this lames in the video are homos and sell out anal fuck gay rappers just look if you back this lames up you a 2004 baby and you like skinny jeans

1 year ago

hadden annand

Who else came here just to hear Young Thug's part?

1 year ago


London on the track bitch!!! <3

1 year ago

Lauren Coast

when you're trying to learn english but u hear this on the radio

1 year ago

Emily Martinez

Did anybody else thought that it was Lil Wayne when Young Thug sang the lifestyle part when you first heard this song without the video? Even tho I just noticed that if it was Lil Wayne, he would sound the same as Young Thug singing the part after the lifestyle part... if you know what I mean. Ik you guys are going to get confused by what I said

1 year ago


Wtf, I couldn't even listen to the whole song. Came here to see who's that lil thug whatever-is-name-is was. I regret. Stop giving us that kind of bulsh**.

1 year ago


Is anybody else wondering why Young thug has on rich home quan chain?!?!

1 year ago

John Dennis

Wtf does yung thugger thugger even say? Fuckin jiberish. Lol. Take the penis out ya mouth

1 year ago


Huh. Just watched a video of homeless looking men and a few upper class hookers. The background scenes were beautiful. Well, back to searching for jobs after graduating from a well respected college. MERICA. No lie was written in this comment.

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